Men: Top Rules for Wearing Sunglasses

Oct 01, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Even though fall is underway, there are several areas throughout the U.S. where sunglasses are worn year-round. The following offers helpful tips for men that wear designer wholesale sunglasses.

  • Should men wear sunglasses indoors or at night? Generally speaking, men have approximately a thirty-second indoor or night rule to stop wearing sunglasses. After this time passes, it becomes a little bit awkward and people will begin to stare. The only exception is if the indoor area is flooded with blinding light and the shades are not blocking it. Then wearing sunglasses can help prevent unsightly glare and squinting.
  • Does size truly matter? It is important to strike a proper balance between style and facial features. While big sunglasses are popular right now, they do not necessarily balance all facial features and can overwhelm some bone structures.
  • Walking the fine pervert line. Many men use sunglasses as a convenient excuse to casually check out women. However, men should probably check out the opacity of their wholesale designer sunglasses beforehand. If they show any eye movement, this can be an extreme turnoff to women. This is one case where it is best to be safe than sorry.
  • What styles look best with round facial features? Square bulk sunglasses help to add angles to round facial features, giving them angular disposition.
  • Are mirrored lenses proper for conversation? Mirrored lenses are great for outdoor activities, including skiing, running, water boarding, etc. As for conversation starters, they are rather off-putting. The person having the conversation can only see their own face staring back at them, which is generally a turn-off.
  • Should people match their glasses and outfits? The general rule of thumb is to match sunglasses with the color of shoes. This instantly gives an upscale look that is not overdone, but classy.
  • Should someone wear sunglasses on top of their head? For people that do not own pockets, it is acceptable to wear sunglasses on top of their heads. If however, someone has pockets, keep sunglasses tucked away.
  • Should anyone ever wear sunglasses upside down? Unless someone wants to look like Vanilla Ice, this trend is never recommended.
  • What sunglasses are on trend this season? The most popular sunglasses are retro styles, tortoiseshell and smaller frames, which highlight facial features.
  • Should I save sunglasses? Yes, if someone invests in a good pair of sunglasses, it is always guaranteed they will come back into style every decade.

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