Matching Sunglasses with Skin Tone

Aug 28, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


It is important for people to pay attention to their skin tone when selecting the right pair of wholesale sunglasses. Pairing the wrong sunglasses' color with skin tone can leave people looking colorless, pale and unhealthy. Contrarily, the right pair of bulk sunglasses that blends with skin tone helps makes designer wholesale sunglasses highlight people's natural features, placing a positive emphasis on current facial features and color tones.

A frame's color is just as significant as the shape of sunglasses. It is important to select a shape and color that works with skin tones, elevating sunglasses from so-so to spectacular.

  • Light with Warm Undertones – This skin tone has a peachy glow with yellow and green undertones. It is best to browse sunglasses that feature warm-toned neutrals, such as blush or berber, or shades that include rich tones of burbon or cypress.
  • Light with Cool Undertones – Known as fair skin, light skin with cool undertones feature pink to blue tones. People with this skin tone need to avoid washing out their features. Both rosy pinks and blues are very flattering with this skin undertone. Additional colorful options include dusk, cadet, cameo fade or opal. It is best to avoid harsh ambers and yellow greens, which make complexions appear washed out.
  • Medium with Warm Undertones – This skin tone reflects a medium color with green and yellow undertones. Warm tortoise, mahogany, hickory or orange hues work best with this classic undertone.
  • Medium with Cool Undertones – Medium shades with a cool undertone highlight blue and pink hues. Consider selecting blue-green tones, such as marine or mineral. Blue-based reds look sensational with cool undertones, which includes cherry or cranberry tones.
  • Deep with Warm Undertones – Warm undertones feature gold or yellow highlights. Compliment this deep color tone with a brindle fade, orangey red, or mahogany.
  • Deep with Cool Undertones – Deep skin tones that feature cool undertones highlight a blue undertone, which makes them pair well with black and dark blues, such as cadet, navy and onyx. Cool tones look best with green or an intense violet/purple shade.

Measuring facial shape can also be challenging, as it is easy to overwhelm petite frames with oversized styles.

  • Narrow – Narrow faces should consider smaller frames that measure 42mm to 50mm.
  • Medium – This ranges between 48mm to 53mm.
  • Wide – These include frame widths between 52mm and up.

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