Locs, Sturgeon and Biohazard, Oh My!

Mar 19, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear is an online wholesale sunglasses distributor. Working directly with retailers to purchase sunglasses in bulk, their established, well-known brands have made thousands of companies repeat buyers.

By offering high-quality products at a moneymaking price point, Olympic Eyewear makes sure that retailers can offer consumers affordable sunglasses. They offer a variety of popular designer brands, including:

  • Aviators are classic, knowing no bounds. This traditional look has been around for decades, but made a striking comeback with Tom Cruise in Top Gun, solidifying that this style is here to stay.
  • Biker sunglasses stay put during extreme activities. With a unique shape and form-fitting rubber earpieces, these sunglasses are ideal for men engaging in outdoor sports and exercise.
  • Biohazards are designed for men. These distinct sunglasses make a bold, contemporary statement and are one of the most popular brands on the market.
  • CG sunglasses reflect a classic style with a bold, colorful twist! These are perfect for people who want to make a distinctive statement.
  • Choppers are designed for the motorcycle enthusiast. Reflecting an individual sense of “chopper” style, these catchy glasses are perfect for a long jaunt into the countryside or simply wearing around town.
  • DG sunglasses are a popular women’s brand. These trendy upscale sunglasses are elegant and often worn by people of celebrity-status. This makes DG Eyewear an extremely coveted name brand, drawing consumers into stores.
  • Locs sunglasses are the distinct black, rectangular style made popular by the 1980s rap artist, Tone Loc. Known as “gangster shades,” these dark lenses come in a variety of frame colors.
  • Manhattansunglasses are famous for their namesake, giving active city-dwellers the most current, contemporary look.
  • Nitrogen’s popular polarized look and style makes these one of the most in-demand sunglasses on the market.
  • Road Warrior sunglasses have brown lenses and an anti-glare coating that makes them ideal for all driving conditions.
  • Sturgeons are perfect for anglers. These 1.1mm polarized lenses joined to hefty aluminum spring hinges increase clarity, making them oh so very necessary for a successful fisherman … or fisherwoman.
  • VG sunglasses are classic, yet eye-catching with their unique graphics. Mimicking fashions of a bygone era with an elegant, modern twist, these sunglasses are ideal for both young and old alike.
  • U & ME Readers are reading glasses that range from powers of +1.25 to +3.0.
  • Virage Eyewear is a sports line geared towards advanced outdoor protection. Their line includes a variety of ski goggles, protective polarized sunglasses, sports sunglasses and motorcycle goggles. These high quality, mid-priced models offer a variety of elemental protection, including frame ventilation, dual anti-fog lenses, as well as the revolutionary Revo lens.
  • X-Loop sunglasses are geared towards both men and women. These comfortable wrap around glasses are ideal for extreme sports, staying securely in place. Olympic Eyewear stocks more than 100+ high-end styles of this designer brand.
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