Leading Bestselling Sunglasses for Men

Sep 21, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear offers several brands of sunglasses for men. Specifically designed to conform and hug men's facial curves, these comfortable sunglasses are sure to become best sellers in any retail or sporting establishment.

  • Aviator – Technically a unisex line, this brand was originally a popular style of sunglasses for men. Relied on by aviators' decades ago, this style has evolved into a sporty, lightweight trend that appeals to both military and non-military men alike. Iconic with pilots, these sunglasses for men have been leading best selling classics since Tom Cruise brought them back into circulation with "Top Gun."
  • BeOne – This brand has several very popular, curve hugging styles of sunglasses for men. Featuring comfort fit styles, these sunglasses for men are ideal for sporting activities, as they feature 1.1.mm polarized lenses.
  • Biohzard – Designed as target sunglasses for men, these popular sunglasses have recently gained worldwide recognition. Popular and sporting a unique Biohazard label, these sunglasses are sure to become best selling classic sunglasses for men.
  • Choppers – This brand is popular with both men and women that motorcycle or enjoy chopper rides. Since motorcycles are generally slightly more popular among men, Choppers are a leading bestselling style of sunglasses for men. Form fitting, face hugging and offering secure, comfortable nose and earpieces, these sunglasses are designed to keep debris, bugs and other flying objects from entering the eye when driving a motorcycle down country roads, interstates, leisurely day rides or even across country. Some Chopper sunglasses feature blazing fire graphics that are sure to make them a distinct brand among other motorcycle copycats.
  • Dxtreme – This popular brand features rectangle style glasses that curve to form-fit to men's angular facial features. Highlighting the telltale Dxtreme logo, these sunglasses feature adjustable form fitting nosepieces and curve arms that comfortably hug ears, keeping sunglasses securely in place.
  • Locs – Designed and worn by rappers, these super dark shades with a distinct logo are hip sunglasses for men. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, curves and frames, these popular glasses have rapidly regained popularity among the hip-hop industry.
  • Nitrogen – With a cool wraparound style, these form-fitting sunglasses for men offer dark lens protection, which makes them ideal for a wide variety of outdoor sporting events.
  • Road Warrior – Channeling the inner warrior spirit, these men's sunglasses are available in dark to light brown lens colors and feature a unique sense of style that makes them excellent for driving, playing golf, everyday activities and even sports.
  • X-Loop Sunglasses – The ultimate sunglasses for men, this brand ranges from dark frames to more upscale, bright and vivid frame selections, such as orange and red. Form fitting and contoured to hug faces, these sunglasses are excellent for extreme outdoor sports all year long.
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