The Latest Spring and Summer Sunglass Trends

Jun 18, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Unbeknownst to many, Seattle is among the most popular geographic areas for sunglasses. Many designers look to Seattle to help set the latest designer wholesale sunglasses trends. With sunny days and warm weather right around the corner, exciting new sunglass trends are popping up.

  • Bold and Bright – Home and fashion trends alike are embracing bold, vivid designs. This season is embracing glossy finishes and intense, bright colors, such as chartreuse, fuchsia and bold candy apple red. Men's trends are focusing more on cobalt blue and lime green, which add an edgy appearance to any modern-day clothing styles.
  • Updated Classics – Reinventing and updating the classics, several designers are embracing retro styles with a modern-day flair, adding gradient coloring, transparent hues and even matte-style finishes.
  • Textures – Mixed materials and texture are big this season. Adding depth to sunglasses, fashion designers are even incorporating frayed clothes into sunglass temples.

This season is also seeing some artistic designs that allow people to embrace their inner Buddy Holly or soul singing diva. This includes unique shapes, untraditional colors and brand new styles.

Pastels are a hot trend. Not like the pastels of the 1980s, these modern-day designs are subtle and feature light blues, warm pinks and mint greens. Crystal adornment and details are sure to take this look from unique to simply spectacular.

Celebrities have made rhinestone details very popular. Rhinestones add a special flair and unique style to fashionable sunglasses, elevating them to the next level. This special attention to detail makes a significant impact, focusing on feminine details and sparkly, jewel-like accessories. Rhinestone-studded sunglasses are among the most popular sunglasses this season. Whether these small sparking gems highlight leopard or zebra prints, or simply adorn classic black sunglasses, they simply elevate today's fashion styles into iconic beauties.

Olympic Eyewear offers several designer wholesale sunglasses. Popular rhinestone styles include DG sunglasses and VG sunglasses. These comfortable sunglasses feature superb fits, attractive designs and are produced in similar manners to designer sunglasses. With constantly evolving inventories, they offer thousands of models and have new monthly arrivals.

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