Apr 02, 2015

The Latest Spring Bulk Sunglasses Trends

As spring comes into full swing, this season is embracing bold, bright sunglass colors, such as blue, yellow and purple. Additionally, stylists anticipate that white frames will be exceptionally popular this year, lending a chic and classy appearance to any springtime outfit.

Oversize sunglasses will also remain popular this year, which accentuate people’s personalities and add the ideal final addition to outgoing, stylish clothing. Butterfly, cat eye, rectangle and square styles are exceptionally popular oversize shapes. Designer Giselle sunglasses in bulk anticipate being among one of the most popular selling brands with Olympic Eyewear. They blend well with upscale and everyday outfits, adding a classic final addition that is sure to turn heads.

Another popular trend will be retro style 1960s and 1970s sunglasses. This year’s styles will kick it up a notch and have more experimental shapes that mix with oversize frames, adding a glamorous, yet feminine appearance that will look sensational on today’s modern woman.

Oval sunglasses will remain popular, but trendy colors that are showing up on runways include reddish tones or yellow and black. Semi-rimless bulk sunglasses are also going to be popular. This trendsetting style is stunning albeit it the top half that is frameless or the bottom half.

This year will also highlight patterns and designs, displaying new structural designs, shades and outlines. In addition to the aforementioned blue, yellow and purple colors, some retailers are incorporating orange tones, as orange touts as the new “black” this season.

White frames are cool and trendy, but by adding a cheeky feminine flare, women’s facial features can easily stand out, adding a chic appearance to classy or trendy outfits.

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Offering quality products, Olympic Eyewear features fashion-forward designs that include a wide range of colors, metals, styles, rim designs, embellishments, fashion styles and even lens colors.

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