The Latest 2014 Sunglass Trends

Jun 23, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


This season's dominating sunglass trends are over the top, serving double duty: protecting baby blues and highlighting the latest fashionable design trends. The latest looks are sassy, trendy and over the top.

  • Mathematical Look – Featuring strong features, including angular cuts, these sunglasses pair well with neutral tones. With an emphasis on geometric shapes, most designers are embracing simple contours that reflect an industrial appeal. Black and white prints make stunning patterns, highlighting these mathematical-style frames. Matte finishes give these frames an upscale appearance that is head turning.
  • Instagram – With a retro 1970s-style look, the latest sunglass trends include rosy tinted lenses and even gold-tinted styles. These lenses give a sepia-tone hue, allowing people to see the world through more artistic coloring designs. Another popular trend is including old-style materials, such as wooden frames and throwback tortoise print designs.
  • Garden – With more people being aware about environmental conservation, green is making a big comeback both on the runaway and in home's interiors. This season is all about vibrant pinks and earthy greens. Some designers are also featuring tasteful floral prints that highlight saturated, mirrored lenses. Some artistic designers have also created whimsical sunglasses that feature butterfly shapes, floral embellishments, studs and sparkles.
  • Aquatic Look – This designer look is reminiscent of the ocean, highlighting turquoises, vibrant blues and teals. Some designers are embracing contemporary designs, which feature sea glass style frames or minimalist styles.

Olympic Eyewear focuses on selling wholesale designer sunglasses. With new monthly arrivals, this season dominates popular Aviator sunglasses and Oxigen sunglasses. These classic, simple designs are reminiscent of "Top Gun" styles and seamlessly combine both feminine and masculine features, making them an excellent choice for both men and women.

Today's vintage styles combine highlights from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Embracing artistic details, these vintage sunglasses are available in a wide variety of shapes, ranging from circular, oval and rectangular to relaxed squares.

Sports sunglasses are very popular this season, as summer is rapidly approaching. These wrap-around styles help protect eyes from unnecessary UV exposure, helping to prevent many eye health problems.

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