Introduction to Sunglasses

Mar 18, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear offers a simple, spring break crash course in selecting the right sunglasses for everyone's individual needs. So whether someone is heading to the beach to enjoy a few warm rays of sunshine or hitting the Vegas strip, this article provides essential information about selecting the right pair of sunglasses.

  • Lenses – The sun's rays can actually damage the eyes. Opting for UVA and UVB protection in lenses is highly advisable, as this offers light reflection and keeps bad rays at bay. Polarized sunglasses also provide a higher contrast in vision and offer some of the most advanced UV protection available on today's market.
  • Mirror Reactions – Sunglasses cannot simply be selected via pictures or holding them up side-by-side. They require trying each pair on and looking into the mirror. The key to selecting the right pair of sunglasses is what is comfortable and offers the necessary cancer-preventing coatings to help maintain healthy eyesight.
  • Shapes – When selecting sunglasses, it's important to consider facial shape.
    • Oval – This is the most versatile facial shape, accommodating most sunglasses frames and styles.
    • Square – Experts recommend balancing angular features with round and oval frames.
    • Round – Angular frames help compliment soft curves and add much needed definition.
    • Heart-shaped Face – Butterfly styles look simply stunning with this face shape.
    • Large Head – Wider frames that sit at 90-degree angles can balance out this self-conscious feature.
    • Small Head – Smaller frames that are in perfect proportion to one's face are extremely flattering.
  • Specifics – Sometimes different circumstances call for different pairs of sunglasses. Someone may want to have an athletic pair of sunglasses on hand for active, outdoor events and a more casual, comfortable style for everyday attire.
  • Affordability – Investing in a high-quality pair of sunglasses that lasts year after year is highly recommended.
  • Protection – Once someone invests in a pair of sunglasses, he/she should protect his/her investment. Using a hard shell to protect sunglasses is advisable, as is using microfiber clothes to clean lenses and prevent oil and scratches.

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