Individuals and Small Businesses Profit from Buying in Bulk

Apr 07, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


There are many different styles of sunglasses these days but have you seen the prices they are being sold at in the mall?  It’s hard to fork over one hundred dollars or more for a pair of sunglasses.  However there are other options now.  You can buy bulk sunglasses at a very reasonable price at Olympic Eyewear.

Olympic Eyewear offers many different styles and even different options to buy the sunglasses so that you can get different models or just different colors of the same model.  You could buy a dozen sunglasses for only a couple dollars each pair.  You can buy a dozen as a group of friends and share them, or you can buy a dozen for yourself because if you’re anything like me you either lose or break a pair every couple of weeks.  For a couple years I actually gave up buying and wearing sunglasses because I couldn’t afford to buy a new pair every month when I lost my old ones.  Problem solved by buying these cheap sunglasses in bulk!

There are many other reasons to buy sunglasses in bulk.  Think of the business opportunities that you could have by purchasing sunglasses at 2 dollars each and then being able to resell them at the very reasonable price of 15 or 20 dollars.  Turning 2 dollars into 20 dollars?  That would even make Donald Trump proud of your business skills.  We’re not talking about cheap as in bad quality either, when I say cheap it’s inexpensive.  These are high quality designer brand sunglasses offered at the very inexpensive wholesale price.  In the last ten years I have probably bought 20-25 pairs of sunglasses at about 20 dollars each so myself, and along with all the other people like me, could keep your business booming and your profit margin increasing constantly for a very long time.

Olympic eyewear offers a different look at selling wholesale sunglasses as well because they have realized that a simple cookie cutter assortment of a dozen of sunglasses doesn’t cut it for a lot of businesses.  You are able to search through pre-packaged sunglasses by the dozen in order to optimize your business gain and profit.  You can find the dozen that suits your business and your customers the best.  You can buy one specific model of sunglasses in one single color or in assorted colors, or you could buy an assorted models package.  In any case, you will know what to expect in your order, gain the variety that you’re looking (without getting stuck more and more of the styles that just don’t sell as well), and you will amazed at how easy and hassle-free it is to find what you need at Olympic Eyewear.

Olympic Eyewear is committed to meeting your needs as an individual, family, or business while helping you get the most for your money.

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