The Importance of Purchasing Wholesale Sunglasses in the Wintertime

Jan 09, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Many people fail to consider the sun's harmful elements during the winter months. Most often on people's minds during the summertime, the wind and rain generally causes people to forget that even in overcast, cloudy, rainy or snowy conditions, the sun's powerful and harmful UV rays can pose dangers to eyes' delicate tissues.

In areas that have snow, it is important that people are aware of their outdoor surroundings, including the sun. Extra vulnerable times include after blizzards, sun reflecting off snow or pools of water, bright and fresh snowfall, etc. People are more attune to ultraviolet radiation during the summer months, which poses even more harm during the winter months.

Retailers should invest in bulk sunglasses that offer the necessary protection to help decrease the likelihood that people will develop eye diseases and cancers. Whole sale sunglasses should offer 99- to 100-percent UV protection. Fortunately, this feature is commonly offered in cheap wholesale sunglasses. This makes it simple for retailers to purchase sunglasses in bulk and pass along the savings directly to consumers. In fact, even designer wholesale sunglasses offer UV protection and are available at an average of $24 to $38 per dozen, which allows retailers to make a substantial profit reselling each pair of sunglasses.

Retailers should also consider that ultraviolet exposure at higher altitudes is greater. This includes ski resorts at high mountain altitudes, as the exposure is closer to the sun. These types of resorts should consider carrying a variety of sunglasses during the wintertime, as it offers consumers the ability to purchase trendy, fashion-forward designs while on vacation. Many vacationers forget to bring sunglasses in cold, snowy clients. Retailers need to take advantage of these opportunities and offer wholesale sunglasses, which are necessary wintertime accessories.

The more coverage people have, the better protection sunglasses provide. This means that retailers in cold, snowy areas, may wish to consider purchasing wholesale sunglasses that feature X-Loop wraparound frames that are perfect for sporting activities, but also wraparound the face, decreasing the amount of harmful UV rays that can penetrate the eyes.

Retailers that are located near outdoor ice-skating rinks should also take advantage of carrying sunglasses year-round. Having outdoor sun exposure reflecting off large frozen surfaces is not only uncomfortable for people, which causes people to squint, but it can cause unsightly eye damage. Kiosks and other retailers may wish to request permission to place warnings and signs that explain the risks of being outdoors in the wintertime without sunglass eye protection. This not only serves to help boost business, but also helps provide the public with necessary information about how to stay healthy and maintain their eyesight.

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