How To Select The Right Sunglasses

Oct 17, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Rain or shine, sunglasses are the ideal accessory to protect delicate eyes from nature's harsh elements. Many people often feel overwhelmed with how to select the right sunglasses for their individual face shapes. This guide is designed to simplify this daunting task.

The first priority when selecting sunglasses is to consider personal face shape, hair color and sense of style. For example, someone is who is artistic may want to embrace edgier, more eclectic styles, while someone that is more refined and composed may prefer to embrace traditional lines.

  • Signature Frames – These are typically not designed for everyday wear, but are designed to make a distinct, one-of-a-kind statement. These pair well with little to no jewelry and should hit just below or at the brow line.
  • Colors – Tortoiseshell frames look amazing on people with blonde, red or brown hair colors. In fact, tortoiseshell is universally flattering.
  • Face Shape – Consider choosing glasses that are the opposite of one's facial shape. For example, if someone has a round face, rectangular glasses will add much needed angular dimension. If someone has a rectangular face, circular-style sunglasses will add much needed softness.
  • Youthful – If people are looking for a more youthful approach to selecting sunglasses, orange, brown, red and burgundy shades are far more youthful than steel, blue and grays.
  • Black – Ever popular and all the rage this season, dark frames pair well with nearly any outfit.
  • Clownish – Unless someone has a youthful, vibrant and eccentric personality, avoid clown-style glasses.
  • Color Tone – Consider matching skin tone with frames. For example, translucent frames look exceptionally good when paired with blonde hair and bold lip colors.
  • Skin Tone – It's important to select sunglasses that compliment skin tone instead of making skin appear pasty and aging.
  • Personality – For people that are quiet and shy, it's more comfortable for them to wear sunglasses that don't scream, "look at me." While people who enjoy attention may prefer to wear styles that are unique and brazen, they can make other people feel uncomfortable.
  • Proportion – Despite the styles, sunglasses should always be in proportion to one's face. Whether it's too small or too large, sunglasses need to reflect size proportions or they will highlight flaws and bring attention to unwanted areas.

Additional fashion tips include avoiding excess accessories. If wearing glasses, consider wearing either earrings or a necklace, not both. It's important to draw the eyes to the accessorized sunglasses, not overwhelm one's features.

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