How to Properly Take Care of Sunglasses

Aug 25, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are essential in protecting your eyes from the ever present – and ever dangerous – rays of the sun. But just as your eyes need to be cared for, so do your sunglasses. Not only will proper care ensure your sunglasses last longer, but it will also ensure that they completely protect your eyes.

The first step in maintaining your sunglasses is not to abuse them. Extreme conditions like a hot car can cause damage to the frames and the lenses. Certain lenses – polarized for example – can't be exposed to water without damaging the protection. Make sure to read the owner's manual for any special conditions. If you must subject your sunglasses to bad conditions, consider purchasing wholesale sunglasses by the dozen so that you're never without a good pair.

If you need sunglasses for physical activities or sports, don't wear your fancy designer sunglasses. They aren't built to stay on your face during high energy activities and will end up either scratched or broken from a fall to the ground. Specialty sports brands like X-Loop sunglasses are more durable, snugly fitting, and block sunlight from all directions.

Also try to avoid putting your sunglasses on top of your head. While it's very convenient, this habit covers your sunglasses in grease from your hair which needs to be cleaned off before using them again. This excessive cleaning will needlessly age your sunglasses. Putting your sunglasses on your head will also put pressure on the joints and even pull out your hair!

If you need a place to put your sunglasses, buy wholesale sunglasses cases. This will ensure you always have a safe storage place for your sunglasses. A hard case is best to protect your sunglasses anywhere, even in your pocket or purse. If a hard case isn't suitable for your needs, consider a sunglasses holder for your neck.

Keeping your sunglasses clean is also essential to long term maintenance. Always use a cleaning liquid for your glasses; cleaning them while dry will cause the debris to scratch the lens surface. Using towels or other tough fabrics can also scratch your sunglasses. A soft cloth like microfiber will keep your sunglasses both scratch-free and clean.

Also regularly check the moving parts of your sunglasses – screws, nose pads, arms. Keep a mini eyeglass repair kit on hand so that you can repair anything you find is wrong.

Whether you purchase designer sunglasses or cheap sunglasses in bulk, you want to get the most out of them. These simple steps will make them last the longest.

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