How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses: Finding Face Flattering Frames

May 11, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


The secret to picking the best sunglasses is to find a style that complements desirable features and doesn't accentuate other features. The general rule is to aim for contrast, but some sunglasses features have exceptions.

Sunglasses with rounded lines can be worn by those with oval shaped faces and can help those with square shaped faces appear friendlier if necessary. Those with round faces should avoid rounded lines to prevent overemphasizing.

Sunglasses with angular lines are a great choice for balancing out a round shaped face or a heart shaped face in some cases. They're also suitable for those with an oval shaped face.

Sunglasses with small lenses are a great way to prevent overwhelming a smaller face. Those with larger faces should avoid small frames which would make the face appear larger.

Sunglasses with oversized lenses are the perfect way for someone with a larger face to make it appear smaller. CG sunglasses are some of the most trendy oversized sunglasses available.

Sunglasses with thick, bold frames are a good choice for someone looking to complement a larger face or a heart shaped face. Bold frames will easily overwhelm a smaller face though.

Sunglasses with more subtle frames are perfect for someone with a smaller face that doesn't want glasses to overpower their appearance.

Sunglasses with rectangular lenses can help to elongate round or heart shaped faces.

Sunglasses with circular lenses should be avoided by those with an oval shaped face to prevent the face from looking too long.

Sunglasses with brightly colored frames are suitable to any face shape. While they work best with casual attire, they can also be used to add character to formal dress.

Sunglasses with black or metal frames are also suitable to any face shape. They're the perfect addition to formal attire as well as everyday wear.

Most people will find that many different styles of sunglasses fit their face well. It's nice to be able to change up sunglasses to coordinate with an outfit, as well as a mood or event. Buying wholesale designer sunglasses is one way to ensure having the perfect pair of sunglasses for every occasion. Finding cheap sunglasses in bulk has become simple even for the general public. Olympic Eyewear, for example, carries neon wayfarer sunglasses by the dozen for only $18! At that price, everyone can afford a collection of high quality fashion sunglasses.

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