How to Care for Sunglasses

Apr 26, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


There are numerous suggestions, tips and different methods to properly care for sunglasses. Retailers can share these valuable tips with consumers to help gain their trust as well as establish a retailer's knowledge in the sunglasses/optical industry.

First, always place sunglasses in a case. This will ensure that Fido does not accidentally chew off the earpieces; the nosepieces do not end up flattened by a boot print and great reduces and minimizes scratches and scuffs. This is also an excellent opportunity for retailers to mention that a consumer may want to purchase secure wholesale sunglasses cases for his/her sunglasses.

Unbelievably, many consumers do not know how to clean their sunglasses. This is an important step to maintaining sanitary sunglasses and making sure that a consumer's investment is long-term.

Consumers often overlook the importance of cleaning their sunglasses regularly. Regular cleansing with warm water, mild soap, and most importantly, a clean cloth that does not leave behind residue will help prevent scratches, remove marks, as well as dust and oils from the surface of the lenses. People should never clean any type of lenses with paper products, such as paper towels or napkins. These types of materials can cause permanent scratches. Investing in a good cloth is of the utmost importance!

Additionally, there are a number of different ways to safely care for and store bulk sunglasses. A steadfast rule is to remove sunglasses with both hands. If someone only uses one hand, it can easily cause hinges to become loose, the frame to bend and the rails to lose their snug, form-fitting shape.

Never set glasses on any type of surface with the lenses facing downward. This promotes scratches and will cause smudges to appear, dirt to collect in the frame and on the lenses.

When storing sunglasses in a case, folding the earpieces gently together and wrap them in a protective 100% cotton cloth, which will ensure they are safe and well protected inside the sunglasses accessory case. This is especially helpful when storing sunglasses out of season, for a shorter period or while traveling.

Most importantly, when purchasing wholesale sunglasses, retailers should be somewhat knowledgeable about the products. In most cases, a simple understanding of how to care for sunglasses and ski goggles is helpful, instilling more confidence in the consumer's purchase from a retailer. Confidence in a product and retailer's knowledge should never be underestimated. When a consumer feels a salesperson is knowledgeable about sunglasses, the chances that he/she will purchase a pair of sunglasses greatly increases. The bottom line is expanding the retailer's profit and knowledge is power!

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