How Movies Influence Sunglass Trends

Nov 23, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


The silver screen and all its charismatic glamour have influenced fashion and trends for nearly a century. What few people realize is how movies have forever influenced the designer wholesale sunglasses industry. The top movies that have revolutionized how consumers look at sunglasses include:

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany's – An iconic classic, Audrey Hepburn's opening scene defined Truman Capote's movie. She lit up the screen with her brown Wayfarer sunglasses while browsing the window of the famous jewelry store, Tiffany & Co.
  2. The Graduate – Mrs. Robinson simply could not resist Dustin Hoffman in his trendy black sunglasses while laying out in the swimming pool. He embodied a youthful "I don't care attitude" that made him more than charming.
  3. Lolita – A controversial masterpiece, the poster advertising this movie featured Sue Lyon sporting red heart-shaped eyeglasses. These became so popular that Marilyn Manson began wearing these during his "Rape of the World" tour in 2007-2008.
  4. Top Gun – No one can underestimate the power "Top Gun" had when Tom Cruise dawned his infamous gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses. These iconic sunglasses have remained popular among aviators and non-aviators alike since 1986.
  5. Interview with the Vampire – Christian Slater's supporting role as the reporter highlighted thick, black eyeglasses. These old-school glasses have come back, and are popular with both men and women.
  6. Men in Black – The memory-loss glasses used in this movie by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith were sleek and sexy. After the film, retailers could not stock enough of these sunglasses in bulk. Now they are synonymous with the government and alien chasers. Whoever would have thought one movie could forever change the face of FBI and CIA officials.
  7. Fight Club – A movie about your alter ego that upstages you, this underground men's club for proletarians made it hot for Brad Pitt to wear oversize wholesale designer sunglasses with bold, colorful lenses. Never before has a man pulled off this trend and left both men and women wanting more. Women thought it was hot and men could not rush away from theaters fast enough to buy pairs. Psychedelic red sunglasses have never been more in demand.
  8. The Matrix – After this gravity-defying trilogy, these edgy black-on-black sunglasses were just simply cool. They matched the form-fitting leather jeans and mysterious black trench coats. Retailers could not get their hands on enough of these wholesale sunglasses by the dozen. Simply everyone wanted a pair for everyday wear. After all, who did not want Matrix powers?
  9. Kill Bill 1 and 2 – This Quentin Tarantino masterpiece does not disappoint. Uma Thurman is on a mission for revenge and she stops at nothing to accomplish her self-appointed mission. Her edgy gold shades with brown lenses make Uma scorch during her hunt. No woman could pass up these sunglasses after this kick butt thriller.
  10. Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliff will forever define the character of Harry Potter, the boy who lived. With his classic round spectacles and messy hair, this John Lennon look once again became popular and children globally were all asking their parents for Harry Potter spectacles.
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