Hottest Upcoming Eyewear for 2014

Dec 22, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


The most popular and iconic fashion accessory, sunglasses are dawned by both sexes, appealing to all genders. Designed to protect delicate baby blues' from the sun's harsh glare, designers are already predicting the most popular sunglasses trends for 2014.

  • Groovy – The styles from the 1970s are making a big comeback. From rose tinted lenses to gold-tinted numbers with a distinct sepia-like effect, these sunglasses offer vintage silhouettes. From tortoise prints to wooden frames, these rounded shapes are Diane Keaton and  “Jaws” all over again.
  • Genius – The genius, mathematical sunglasses look is back in a big way. With neutral colors and more angular cuts, these geometric designs emphasize a highbrow bar. With a distinct industrial, almost scientific appeal, these frames make a bold, distinct statement that highlights geeky sophistication.
  • Aquatic – Experts predict that ocean trends will rule the lands in 2014. With a variety of colors, ranging from bold teals and blues to turquoises, these designs offer minimalist beauty. Popular styles include clear frames and even glass-textured designs.
  • Earthy – Pinks and greens are indicative of gorgeous spring foliage and flowers. Designs are incorporating these fantasy hues into exotic sunglasses frames. Whether it's adorning frames with studs or sparkles, this fantasy-driven style will have fashionistas waiting in lines.
  • Chic – Chic designs that combine neutral hues with brown lenses and decorative earpieces are sure to be a hit on spring runways.

Other trends that are expected to continue include Aviator-style sunglasses, as well as oversize styles. DG sunglasses are sure to remain popular throughout 2014, giving customers a distinct celebrity branding style.

Additional features that are anticipated to be popular this upcoming year include the following:

  • Mirrored – These mirrored styles look sensational in bright hues, such as vibrant blue or orange. Mirrored styles also look excellent in yellow, green, pink, dark black or metallic gold.
  • Matte Frames – Instead of shiny hues, the latest trend is matte frames. With no gloss or shine, these come in a variety or colors, ranging from tortoiseshell and black to pastel hues.
  • Clear – Clear frames are the must-have accessories for both men and women. Designed to make a statement, these look especially ravishing in bold, strong shapes. They also pair well with a variety of lens colors.

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