Hottest Sunglasses Trends

Jul 10, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are year-round must-have accessories. Sunglasses appeal to everyone, whether it's someone that constantly need new styles to match every outfit or the person who purchases one classic pair that lasts for years.

Popular styles for 2013 include:

  • Catwalk Styles – These classic cat-eyed sunglasses ooze sophisticated style, looking simply charming with a classic sheath, matching heels and an empire-waist coat.
  • Exaggerated Cat-Eye – Some designers have taken cat-eye styles a step further, making them even more exaggerated and giving them a distinct retro 60's look.
  • Fun Shapes and Colors – The season's latest shapes include pentagon-style shapes, temples and metal bridges. The latest colors include gold, red, silver, bronze and pink glitters with a variety of lenses, including brown, grey and bronze.
  • Oversized Styles – Oversized styles are perfect for any outing – whether it's a weekend barbecue, family reunion, school reunion or simply heading out to the beach.
  • Mirrored Lenses – Not only do mirrored lenses provide necessary sun protection, but they also give a sense of privacy.
  • Aviator Styles – Aviator styles are always iconic, but this season's unisex trends embrace plastic frames, anti-reflective coating and also featured curved arms.
  • Snake Prints – The latest sunglasses are adorned with snake-style prints, incorporating a variety of colors, ranging from gold, bronze, ivories and blacks.
  • D-Frames – These sunglasses are extremely bold and feature straight lines on top with half tinted lenses, which draw the eyes upward towards the brow line.
  • Round Frames – This season is seeing round frames making a big comeback. Thanks in part to the style reflected in “Gatsby” this spring, designers are embracing Roaring Twenties round frames.
  • Thick Frames – Thick plastic frames that come in a variety of colors, ranging from black to white, are popular this season with both men and women.

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