Holiday Gifts for the Fashionista

Dec 01, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


With impeccable taste and an exquisite sense of style, there is no one more difficult, yet rewarding to shop for than the fashionista. This trendsetter is always looking for the latest styles, but also understands the importance of finding classic trends that always look fabulous and never go out of style.

Fashionistas always tote sunglasses. There are several holiday gifts that are perfect for fashionistas that have everything. Olympic Eyewear offers several options for retailers that cater to the fashionista crowd.

When selecting sunglasses for fashionistas, there several key components to consider, which includes:

  • Oversized frames are the most popular, classic design. They're chic, timeless and never go out of style.
  • Consider choosing gradient lenses that offer more mystery without the harsh single color lens. Whether it's choosing black, dark brown or light brown trends, these look fabulous with most skin tones.
  • Cutouts are the latest must-have trend. Many styles feature temple cutouts in a variety of small rectangular shapes and sizes. This may also include having the manufacturer's logo stamped on the temple.
  • Choosing angled metallic insets helps to further elevate branded temples.
  • Grey is the new black this season. Some designers are making sunglasses frames that feature a dark grey color, which pairs well with either silver or gold arms. Looking excellent with faux diamonds, this style is sure to turn heads this holiday season.

Oversized sunglasses can literally define the most simple black dress or designer jeans. Anyone can look like a celebrity sporting the latest handbag and heels, while achieving an air of mystery with oversized, mysterious sunglasses.

Retailers can easily take advantage of these latest catwalk trends by purchasing a variety of celebrity-style sunglasses from Olympic Eyewear. With a special focus on selling designer wholesale sunglasses, they offer a wide selection of merchandise for retailers to choose from. Top selling brands include DG sunglasses, Air Force sunglasses, Manhattan sunglasses, Romance sunglasses, VG sunglasses, CG sunglasses and many more. Many of these designs highlight rhinestone details, which make perfect gifts for fashion conscious friends and family.

Olympic Eyewear also offers substantial discounts for bulk purchases, making it even easier for retailers to invest in these trendy, top-selling styles. Just in time for the holidays, Olympic Eyewear offers a variety of monthly specials at deeply discounted prices. Retailers are so pleased with their moneymaking investments that they continue to return time and again to Olympic Eyewear.

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