A Guide to Sunglasses Colors

Jun 02, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Today's modern-day sunglasses come in a rainbow of colors. These bulk sunglasses are perfect for any outfit or occasion. In addition to choosing frame colors, there is a growing assortment of lens colors.

  • Green – Green lenses help transmit all colors evenly and are perfect for everyday use. Helping to brighten shadows, these sunglasses also dim glare, which makes them ideal for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Green lenses generally perform well in good or poor weather conditions, including bright sun or rain.
  • Brown and Amber – These versatile tones help improve contrast, which makes them a favorite for outdoor activities, such as driving. With an added red hue, these colors help enhance and increase depth perception. Brown and amber lenses are a favorite for high-altitude sports, in addition to golf, fishing, tennis, sailing and boating. These designer wholesale sunglasses work well in sunny or partly cloudy conditions.
  • Yellow – This unlikely lens color helps improve clarity in low-light conditions, including compromised weather such as haze or fog. Skiers, mountain bikers, aviation experts, tennis players, gun shooters and hunters prefer yellow lenses. The downside of yellow lenses is that they may cause some color distortion, so people that suffer from color blindness should take some precautions. Yellow lenses are generally best in hazy or foggy conditions, including early morning and late evening light.
  • Blue, Purple and Double Gradient – These fashionable lenses are among the most popular and regularly sported by celebrities. These lenses help increase contours and color perception, while simultaneously reducing glare. These are excellent for any spectator sports and are a favorite among golfers. These lenses perform well in snowy, foggy or misty weather conditions.
  • Gray – A tried and true classic, gray lenses are ideal for all types of outdoor wear. These anti-fatigue lenses help give eyes a rest, allowing people to avoid headache-inducing squinting. Gray offers accurate color perception, but is still dark enough to provide thorough UV protection. This hue also helps reduce unsightly water glare. Gray lenses are used for baseball, driving, football, tennis, soccer and a wide variety of water sports. They are best in sunny or overcast conditions.
  • Pink and Red – More uncommon for everyday wear, pink and red lenses are designed to enhance visual depth, while reducing eyestrain. These comfortable lenses easily adjust to a variety of lighting conditions and contrasts and provide superb road visibility. They are a leading choice among racers and cyclists and work well in all weather conditions, but outperform other colors in the snow.

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