A Guide to Making Money Selling Bulk Sunglasses

Jul 11, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


To help retailers start making money selling sunglasses, Olympic Eyewear has put together several helpful tips.

  • Supplier – Olympic Eyewear is a reputable bulk sunglasses supplier. Olympic Eyewear employs experts that research the latest wholesale designer sunglasses trends. With rotating merchandise and new monthly specials arriving, retailers can rest assured that they are relying on a supplier that is up-to-date on the hippest and stylish sunglass fashions. They carry more than 1,000 sunglasses and accessories and their easy-to-order websites makes it easy for retailers to order sunglasses. Their sunglasses come pre-packaged and feature an attractive design and comfortable fit. Overall, these products are ideal for resale and come ready for retailer’s shelves.
  • Quality of Sunglasses – Olympic Eyewear offers a wide variety of quality sunglasses, including popular models such as X-Loop sunglasses and Wayfarer styles. Other popular styles this season include Aviator, Butterfly, Cat Eye, Oval, Rectangle, Rimless, Round, Semi-Rimless and Shield, to name a few.
  • Pricing – Purchasing bulk sunglasses at a low price are also important, as this helps retailers make a profit. Olympic Eyewear offers several hundred varieties that cost $20.00 or less per dozen. This equates to approximately $1.67 per pair, which allows retailers to make substantial profits.
  • Variety – Choose a wide variety of styles and designs. Customers require abundant variety to help keep their attention and give them plenty of options to choose from when purchasing the latest sunglass styles.
  • Selling – There are many different types of venues to sell sunglasses.
    • eBay – eBay is a great venue for starting up any type of business. Instead of having a bidding feature, retailers can set up a store front and use a "buy it now" feature in order to ensure that they are making back their monetary investments. As always, properly calculate shipping to make sure that it does not eat into valuable profits.
    • Amazon – Amazon also allows regular retailers to sell their products on Amazon. Both eBay and Amazon sites can be linked to Squidoo, as they offer easy eBay and Amazon modules for retailers to use.
    • Blog and/or Website – Some retailers have their own storefront blogs. This makes it easy to add pictures of sunglasses, which Olympic Eyewear can supply to retail customers. Blogs allow retailers to highlight certain sunglass items of the day, including special features, UV protection, the latest styles, etc.
    • Mall Kiosks – Mall kiosks are a gold mine for sunglasses, gaining attention from passersby and shoppers alike. Depending upon the kiosk rent costs and location, mall kiosks are prime real estate opportunities for selling sunglasses all year round.
    • Facebook – A fantastic marketing tool, Facebook allows retailers to quickly advertise sales, coupon codes, send pictures of the latest sunglass styles and much more.
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