A Guide to Choosing Wholesale Sunglasses

Aug 23, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear offers helpful tips for businesses selling sunglasses to consumers.

  • Face Shape – When advising consumers about purchasing sunglasses, make sure you help match sunglass styles with facial shapes.
    • Oval – Oval faces are longer than they are wide so they look best with rectangular style frames. People with this facial shape should avoid circular glasses, which decrease this type of facial definition.
    • Square – With a strong facial shape, oval or round sunglasses help to soften strong features. Thick frames also work well, adding shape to cheekbones.
    • Round – This facial shape requires more definition and structure. It is best to avoid thick-framed bulk sunglasses and opt for rectangular or angular glasses that feature narrow wire frames.
    • Heart – This shape has natural definition and only requires sunglasses that help highlight the cheekbones and jaw line. This is easy to accomplish with oval or square-shape sunglasses that offer thick, geometric-style frames.
  • Fit – Once the appropriate style of sunglass frame is determined, it is important to make sure the fit is comfortable.
    • Pupils should remain centered within the lens.
    • The frames should be approximately as wide as the face, with the outer edges remaining somewhere between the cheekbones and the sides of the face.
  • Color – The color of wholesale designer sunglasses frames should help bring out the best facial features. With some people, this may be their hair or their eyes. Black frames look outstanding with dark hair and brown to blonde hair look excellent with tortoise sunglasses. Blue eyes look especially catchy with blue frames.
  • Lenses – Always opt for UV protection, as this helps to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, which can lead to medical conditions later in life.
  • Models – Aviators and Wayfarer sunglasses are still among the two most popular sunglass models and generally these styles work well for most people. Sportier styles, such as X-Loop sunglasses are generally preferable for outdoor activities, such as running, biking, hiking, beach volleyball, etc. Some people do not like the mirrored or light smoke gradient lenses, so this is a matter of personal tastes.

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