Great Facts about Polycarbonate, the Wonder-Plastic

Sep 17, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Learn some great facts about this wonder-plastic widely used in a broad variety of products and also used to make sunglasses lenses.

  • Originally create by aerospace industry. Polycarbonate is a synthetic composition that was originally invented in the process of creating strong gear for astronauts. Specifically, the polycarbonate created was intended for astronaut visors.
  • Polycarbonate is shatter-resistant. This type of plastic is extraordinarily strong, making it a suitable choice in eyewear for sports, children, or for people who work in environments that pose a significant risk to the eyes.
  • Industry reputation for strength. Polycarbonate is widely accepted for its durability. In addition to sunglass lenses, polycarbonate is used to make airplane windows, bulletproof windows, and police riot shields.
  • Attention-catching performance stats. Polycarbonate is about 10 times stronger than glass or regular plastic and it also outperforms the FDA's basic requirements for impact resistance, exceeding standard figures by more than 40 times.
  • Lightweight. Polycarbonate lenses are also lighter than regular plastic and glass lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are also thinner than other types of lenses.
  • Natural UV protection. The composition of polycarbonate is naturally UV-resistant. Polycarbonate blocks more than 99% of UV radiation all on its own.

The majority of Olympic Eyewear's designer wholesale sunglasses are fitted with polycarbonate lenses. Our sunglasses come in a variety of trendy styles, made by popular brands like Biohazard Sunglasses, DG Sunglasses, and Chopper Sunglasses.

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