Goggles! Goggles! Goggles!

Mar 16, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Goggles serve a primary purpose: to protect the eyes from hazards. In addition, modern goggles are multifunctional and protecting your baby blues has never been more fashionable. As Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly character says in Breakfast at Tiffany's, “Simply marvelous darling!”

Consider the ancient ski goggles – unfashionable, awkward and beyond uncomfortable. Olympic Eyewear stocks the latest ski goggle trends, making sure that retailers make their customers look amazing when hitting the slopes. Modern goggle technology is not only superior to previous models, but these stellar high-end products are functional to the world of advanced snow sports. With options such as dual anti-fog lenses, comfort molded face foam for a secure fit when tumbling down the hillside, wide embroidered graphic logos, multi-layer straps, Revo lenses and soft blanketing fleece; these modernized goggles are the future of skiing and snowboarding.

Whether sports retailers are looking to purchase ski goggles in bulk or by the pair, Olympic Eyewear has all the bases covered. Sporting the popular N2 Sports Goggle designer series, these modern goggles offer advanced outdoor performance. These lightweight, stylish and protective goggles are just what the ophthalmologist ordered for outdoor snow sport enthusiasts.

Motorcycle goggles are designed with advanced impact resistance. Their primary function is to protect the eyes from debris and air particles. Lined with comfortable foam inside, promoting vital air circulation, which helps reduce fog and improves visibility, two of the most popular brands are Choppers Sunglasses and Virage. Choppers offer superior protection against excessive airborne pollutants. While these sunglasses are exceptionally functional, they are known for a distinct form-fitting “chopper” style that appeals to motorcycle riders and collectors alike.

Safety goggles are designed to ward off the hazards of metal chips, flying sparks and dust particles. Performing hazardous jobs is necessary, although risks of eye damage significantly decreases when employees wear advanced safety goggle protection. Helping shield eyes from severe impact and damage, safety goggles are made from polycarbonate lenses, which are extremely thin and durable. Advanced durability also increases the resistant of lens penetration making today’s goggles the safest to date. Safety goggles can be marketed to manufacturing companies, including independent welders, auto mechanics, yard maintenance companies, construction workers, metal designers, woodworkers, etc.

Goggles also offer advanced UV protection from damaging sunrays. Excessive sun exposure leads to ocular macular degeneration and cataracts. Offering wholesale sunglasses at an affordable price ensures there is profit for retailers. Olympic Eyewear stocks superior products at eye-catching prices! With a variety of colors, easy bulk ordering and supplying stock photos to make online reselling a breeze, Olympic Eyewear forges long-term relationships with retailers.

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