Gearing Up for the Elements: 4 Good Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in the Winter

Sep 14, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


You are probably going, "Huh? Sunglasses in the winter?" But it's true – there are some very compelling reasons to pull on shades in those icy months soon to be upon us. Here are 4 very good ones:

  • UV risk is year-round. Eye experts say that our risk of overexposure to UV radiation is year-round, since radiation still reaches our planet even when it is tilted further away from the sun than in our summers. Winters pose a double risk of UV radiation according to eye health experts. If you are in a location that gets snow, or plan to go skiing or participate in snow sports, it is important to know that snow acts as a reflector, reflecting the rays from the sun, including UV rays, thus intensifying exposure.
  • Snow glare. Snow glare poses additional risks that can be mitigated by wearing sunglasses. Eye strain, eye fatigue, and "snow blindness" are a few possibilities to think about if you plan to embark on any snow adventures this winter. If your area gets a lot of snow – that's reason enough to consider slipping on your shades when you go out.
  • Harsh winds, snow dust, and debris. Sunglasses will also keep your eyes protected during winter sports. Sports sunglasses or goggles will prevent the chilly breeze from irritating your eyes or hindering your vision. They will also keep out snowflakes or other debris that gets kicked up while you are active.
  • Winter shades are cool. Last but not least, winter shades are fashionable. You can match your style of frames to fit the mood of the weather and complement the feel of the season. Take winter sunglasses style tips from winter fashion trends or celebrity wear.

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