Forgotten Accessories: Trend Alert

May 04, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Whether someone lives in a tropical climate or a frigid area with abundant snow, sunglasses play an important role in protecting the eyes and making all-important fashion statements. Often a forgotten accessory, sunglasses allow people to look hip and stylish while portraying the ultimate in relaxed demeanor.

The latest sunglasses accessory trends include:

  • Shapes – The latest shapes include octagon frames and lenses. These lend unique angles for facial features. Some of the latest designs come in a variety of bright colors, including acrylic styles, as well as simple wire frames.
  • Something Old – While older folks don oversized eyewear to protect their eyes, younger folks are also turning to this oversized style. Fashion icons, such as Chanel, are creating these oversized trends, adding sophistication and bold fashion statements to any outfit.
  • Prints – Not just for clothing, prints are appearing on sunglasses worldwide. Combining oversized frames with stripes and bold patterns, these easily complement special occasion and everyday outfits.
  • Jewelry – The latest sunglasses styles highlight clear shades, which mimic Lucite jewelry. These add a little facial bling to any attire, while appearing fashionable and statement worthy.
  • Cutouts – The latest styles incorporate cutout designs and see through side view patterns. These sexy designs allow just enough peek-a-boo skin to look super sexy and turn heads.
  • Men's Designs – The latest men's trends include Wayfarer sunglasses, including multi-colored hues. Aviator sunglasses are also popular, as they come in a variety of metal colors, including gold and silver.
  • Women's Sexy Styles – Cat eye styles are voluptuously curvy, feminine and super meow-worthy catty. These are time-honored trends that look fabulous with a chic wardrobe.
  • Round Frames – These are simple, yet classic styles that don't cost a fortune but always look fabulous.

Other popular trends include pairing bold red sunglasses with red lipstick, which creates the ultimate fun pop of color with any neutral-colored outfit. As neon colors make a comeback into the fashion world, these are rapidly being incorporated into sunglasses trends. Additionally, mirrored styles are an ideal compliment to most outfits, creating a fun and trendy look that is eye catching. Sci-fi inspired trends are also becoming popular, creating unique statements that are adored by today's younger generation.

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