Features of Olympic Eyewear's Motorcycle Goggles

Sep 11, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Motorcycles are exciting. They combine function with a taste of very real adventure. Riding without appropriate gear though poses serious threats to riders. Motorcycle goggles are part of the outfit many cyclists wear to protect their eyes when on the road. Here are some features of Olympic Eyewear's collection of motorcycle goggles.

  • Protection from glare and UV radiation. Olympic Eyewear's motorcycle goggles contain the same internationally approved UV protection of our sunglasses; they also offer protection from the glare that may be on the road or that may bounce off the metal of other vehicles.
  • Sturdy enough for the ride. Our motorcycle goggles are built with extra sturdy material and made to comfortably grip the face so they have a fighting chance against the wind that motorcyclists always battle with on the road.
  • Protection from road debris. Motorcycle goggles also offer protection from the dust, road debris, gravel, insects, and sand that can get kicked up by the ride. Wearing eye protection will keep these potentially harmful elements from flying into your eyes at dangerous speeds.
  • Shatter-resistant lens. Olympic Eyewear's motorcycle goggle lens are made with shatter-resistant polycarbonate so that if debris does fly into a rider's face, the lens would be sturdy enough to resist getting shattered, or scratched.
  • Perforated foam. Our goggles come lined with perforated foam. The foam allows air to circulate through the goggles allowing maximum comfort for the rider. The foam and air circulation also prevents fogging which is dangerous while riding. The foam also assists in keeping the goggles close to your face.
  • Available in tints. Last but not least, our motorcycle goggles are available in different lens tints. Different lens colors contribute to visual clarity, depth perception, and proper contrast.

Olympic Eyewear's motorcycle goggle collections are manufactured by brands like Virage and Choppers Sunglasses. Like our other bulk sunglasses they are available at wholesale prices with a single color or assorted colors in a set of 12.

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