Fall 2012 Trends in Sunglasses

Aug 22, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Many people mistakenly pack away their sunglasses in bulk as soon as summer is over. But it's just as important to have sunglasses on hand during the fall and winter seasons. While there may be less sunlight, there's still enough to harm the eyes, which are just as sensitive to the damage in any season. Unfortunately, those trendy summer sunglasses probably aren't as trendy for the fall season.

In general, fashion trends for the fall season tend to be more subdued than for summer. Gone are the days of sun and fun when the quiet of fall arrives. The kids are in school and everyone is preparing for their winter hibernation. Go for darker colors in the fall season, especially when it comes to sunglasses.

Both the color and the metal gold are seeing an increase in trendiness this fall season. Perhaps because the warm color of gold is reminiscent of fall foliage. To incorporate this gold trend into sunglasses, try gold plated frames or gold tinted lenses. Caramel colors are easily swapped for gold.
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The military style is prominent this season in terms of color, style, and attitude. Try aviator sunglasses in any style to go along with this trend. Aviator sunglasses were originally popularized when General Douglas MacArthur sported them for a news photo during World War II. They come in much trendier styles now though, including neon colors and tinted lenses.
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From oversized pockets to oversized coats, this is a big trend this coming season. Hence this fall season is an especially great time to wear – or try out – those oversized sunglasses. Oversized sunglasses have been a staple in the celebrity wardrobe for decades. Just be careful with this new trend, wearing sunglasses that are too large can overwhelm anyone's face.
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There's a trend towards formal and business wear this fall season. Find some sunglasses that are more neutral to fit in with this trend, but remember that neutral doesn't have to mean boring. Try to find a style that's traditionally formal with a splash of personality – color, shape, or decorations – like neon wayfarer sunglasses.
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Of course, the most important aspect in following trends is having fun; enjoying the process of learning and trying new things. Getting out of that comfort zone, and going right back if necessary. Just be careful not to overdo trendiness. A good rule is to wear only one trend at a time.

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