Facial Geometry: The Science Behind Sunglasses

Apr 26, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


The science behind finding the right pair of complimentary sunglasses is as easy as exploring facial geometry. There are five common facial shapes. By determining each person's individual features, this guide can easily be used by customers and retailers to select the right pair of sunglasses.

  • Heart-Shaped – This facial shape highlights a wide forehead, narrow chin and wide cheekbones. This facial shape pairs best with round cat-eye styles and should avoid overly embellished designs. Consider exploring wider arms, which help make the forehead appear narrower. Upswept corners provide a unique, futuristic style. Blue lenses will help draw attention to the eyes and away from the forehead.
  • Oblong – This shape reflects a long face, which is characterized by narrow cheeks and chin. Wrap and oversized styles look excellent with this facial shape. Avoid frames that are too narrow, as this exacerbates facial length. Iconic Jackie O sunglasses pair well with oblong faces, as do wide frames with gradient lenses or Aviator-style designer wholesale sunglasses.
  • Oval – Facial geometry highlights balanced cheekbones, jaw and forehead, which makes this versatile facial shape work well with nearly any sunglasses style. Angular frames that are soft and delicate help highlight attractive oval facial features, as do elevated nose bridges that accentuate the cheekbones, bright turquoise frames and deep tone Aviators styles.
  • Square – Featuring a square jawline and broad forehead, this shape looks fantastic with round, cat-eye or oval frames. Square facial shapes should avoid sharp geometric angles, which are unflattering as they emphasize angular features. Top choices for square faces include wide owl-eye frames, Aviator sunglasses, soft rectangular styles with rhinestones and navy blue oval frames.
  • Round – Full cheekbones and a narrow jaw and forehead define this shape. Round shapes should embrace wide, rectangular frames while avoiding round frames and colored lenses. Dark hair is offset with wood-grained patterns, while other round facial shapes look best with gold-mirror frames or two-tone styles.

All facial shapes are complemented by butterfly frames, which are perfect for retail establishments as they appeal to wider customer bases.

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