Face Shape Guide: Choosing The Right Sunglasses

Oct 20, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Choosing sunglasses can be overwhelming, which is why Olympic Eyewear strives to make this process a fun, fashionable experience. Highlighting the six most common face shapes for both men and women, Olympic Eyewear strives to help customers find the right sunglasses to meet their personal health, fashion and style needs.

  • Square – Characterized by a strong jaw line, this angular-shaped face features a square chin and broad forehead. Facial features are generally of proportionate width and length. Consider trying round or oval frames. Glasses that feature temples in the center or that connect towards the top of the frame are also ideal. Butterfly shaped glasses look excellent next to square jaw lines. Avoid square and geometric frames, as these accentuate too many angles. Avoid low setting temples or strong color accents that highlight the bottoms of the frame, as these focus on drawing too much emphasis to the chin area.
  • Oval – With balanced proportions, oval faces feature a chin that is slightly narrower when compared to the forehead and cheekbones are generally higher. The most versatile shape face, oval faces work well with square, geometric shapes and rectangular style sunglasses.  Frames that overwhelm features should be avoided.
  • Oblong – This shape is characterized as being longer than it is wide, with high cheekbones, a longer nose and a tall forehead. Tall frames help oblong faces feel shorter. Broad glasses with decorative temples or top rims that add width are recommended. This facial shape should avoid small or short frames.
  • Round – With full cheeks, few angles and a rounded chin, the facial length and width are the same proportions. Consider trying angular or geometric frames that help add sharp facial features. Horizontal and rectangular styles will help elongate and thin the face. Upswept frames help draw attention to the forehead and sunglasses with temples that connect near the top of the frame help add length. Avoid both small and short frames.
  • Diamond – Characterized by a narrowness at the eye line and the jaw line, with generally a smaller forehead and chin, diamond shaped faces feature more angular, dramatic cheekbones. Consider trying cat-eye style sunglasses, oval frames or even rimless styles. Avoid narrow-style frames that draw attention to the eye area.
  • Heart – With wide cheekbones, a small chin and a broad forehead, this facial shape should try bottom-heavy sunglasses, styles with low-set temples, or round, narrow frames. Avoid top-heavy styles and decorative temples that draw attention to the upper face.

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