Eye Health: Why Wearing Sunglasses is Good for Your Eyes

Jun 11, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are not just a way to look trendy and hip. It may be a cool accessory if you want to make like CSI: Miami's Horatio Caine in scenes where he wears his sunglasses before he makes a profound statement and then walks away. No, sunglasses are not just something than will complete your cool and collected look.  A great pair of shades (or maybe more) is essential to maintain healthy peepers.

Here are some reasons why you should wear sunglasses:

  • Protection from UV rays. Ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun are not just harmful to the skin. Do you know that your eyes can also be sunburned as well? The effect of exposure to UV radiation is cumulative. When your eyes are regularly exposed to UV rays, this can cause glaucoma, the growth of cataracts and damage to the retina or macular degeneration. It can also lead to photokeratitis (also called snow blindness) as well as growths on the surface of the eye. Your sunglasses can act as a shield for your eyes and the delicate skin around them. When going outdoors (such as taking a walk, riding your bike or enjoying an outdoor sport), be sure to wear your sunnies, even during the winter months or during cloudy days. When selecting your sunglasses, get a pair that can block 99 to 100 percent of UV rays, preferably with lenses that are brown, green or gray in color.
  • Protection from glare. Not only are you more comfortable with not needing to squint against the sun or its reflection, you also enjoy more comfortable vision. You can also move around more safely when you can clearly see things glare-free. When you are driving, skiing, or riding a motorcycle or boat, your vision can be impaired by the light reflected on surfaces such as the pavement, the water, car hoods and windshields or snow.
  • Comfortable vision. Wearing sunglasses during bright, sunny days will result in more comfortable vision and better performance. And since you don't need to squint just as much, you also prevent the increase of wrinkles.
  • Protection from small particles and the wind. Debris from the wind can cause tiny tears or abrasions in your eyes. Also, if you are a contact lens wearer, the wind may cause the contact lenses to dry out. Wearing sunglasses can ensure that your eyes are free from dust and debris and are effectively shielded from the wind.
  • Keeps headaches away. The strain from too much light can cause eyestrain and headache. By reducing the brightness of light that reaches our retina (which is light-sensitive), you don't get muscle fatigue.

For your safety and eye health, wear sunglasses:

  • Whenever you go outdoors, especially at elevated places
  • When you are near a body of water (pools, lakes or oceans)
  • During the summer (where the amount of UV radiation is considerably increased)
  • When you're indulging in a snow sport

Sunglasses can both be a fashion statement and a way to keep your eyes healthy. This goes not just for adults but for kids as well. Other individuals who need to wear sunglasses when they go outdoors include:

  • Those who are sensitive to light and have a greater risk for eye damage caused by exposure to UV rays. This includes people with retinal dystrophies, macular degeneration or other eye diseases. There are also some patients who take medications that have a photosensitizing effect (where the surface of the eyes or skin is more sensitive to light).
  • Those who have undergone cataract surgery. During the surgery, the natural lens of the eye is removed, leaving the individual more vulnerable to the sun's harmful rays.
  • Those who wear contact lenses. Wearers of contact lenses have to be especially careful to keep their eyes moist and free from debris.

Getting your supply of sunglasses

It will be good to have more than one pair of sunglasses at home – not just for you but for other members of the family as well. You can now get quality sunglasses in bulk from OlympicEyewear.com. This way, you not only protect your eyes, but also are able to match your sunglasses with the day's outfit. By getting cheap sunglasses in bulk, you are one step closer to healthier eyes and a more fashionable you.

When getting bulk sunglasses, look for those that offer good quality – those that are not prone to breaking and have the best optical quality. Also, make sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat when going outdoors. Make regular visits to your eye doctor to ensure that your eye's health is maintained.

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