Ethical Practices Equal Good Business

Apr 06, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


When entrepreneurs start their own businesses, it's important that they exercise the highest moral and legal standards. This helps develop long-term relationships both with customers and local communities. Short-term profits are worthless without long-term investments.

Having a solid business reputation, especially in the designer wholesale sunglasses industry, is a critical component to running and operating a successful business. It's important to establish trust and have customers return, knowing that honesty is a top priority for businesses.

Entrepreneurs, managers and business owners should adopt role model positions for employees. They should behave as they expect their employees to – honest and practicing solid business behaviors.

When starting a bulk sunglasses business, consider establishing a detailed "Code of Ethics," which gives both owners and employees something to abide by and follow. When establishing these general rules, businesses should take the following key points into consideration.

  • General principles – Identify all general principles that relate to fair business practices and selling wholesale sunglasses.
  • Industry associations – See if there are any industry professionals or associations in the nearby area that offer basic standards for retail industries.
  • Questions – To be ethical and honest, it's important to remember that all questions may not have positive, faultless answers.
  • Statements – Writing out specific statements that help with day-to-day business practices, helps businesses run smoother.
  • Written policies – Consider adopting a written Code of Ethics and giving employees copies. This helps reinforce businesses' commitments to maintaining honest business practices.
  • Train – Always train employees and tell them what businesses' expect. It's important to immediately address and set specific ethical conduct guidelines for employees and personnel.

Additional considerations for businesses include how the Code of Ethics specifically applies to daily business operations. This generally includes policies about handling payments from customers, negotiating prices, accepting gifts, selling damaged or inferior merchandise, product warranties, merchandise return policies, addressing shoplifting issues, policies for accounting procedures, business and employee insurance coverage, advertising guarantees, stocking cheap wholesale sunglasses, maintaining a safe premise and employee performance problems.

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