Essential Tips for Choosing Sunglasses

Feb 01, 2016 Olympic Eyewear


Choosing sunglasses can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, shapes, styles and colors. This guide offers helpful advice when selecting designer wholesale sunglasses, especially considering these are the focal point of the face.

  • Face ShapeBulk sunglasses should balance facial shapes. The optimal facial shape is oval, so experts recommend choosing sunglasses that create a balanced, oval look. Triangular and pear facial shapes should select frames that are as wide as their jaw lines to help accomplish this goal.
  • Facial Features – Select wholesale designer sunglasses that repeat facial features that are prominent. People should avoid sunglasses that accentuate features they wish to avoid highlighting.
    • To help determine which facial characteristics are dominant, analyze each facial feature. This includes facial shape, the sides of the mouth, hairline, jaw line, eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. Is the overall face more angled or curved? Are facial features evenly spaced? Are the features small or large?
    • Determine which facial feature(s) to reinforce or repeat. To emphasize a square jaw line, choose wholesale sunglasses that have square corners. To add more emphasis to a rounded jaw line and almond eyes, opt for the same shape as the eyes in sunglasses.
    • And finally, to help minimize and balance features, consider the following:
      • Opt for a low-set bridge to minimize a larger nose
      • To help make a round or square face appear longer, select frames that are as wide as the face and narrower than they are wide
      • To make a rectangle or oblong face appear shorter, select sunglasses that have more depth. Wider arms will also help to reduce the perceived length of the face.
      • To help make close-set eyes appear further apart, choose sunglasses that do not emphasize the bridge.
  • Body Scale – Select whole sale sunglasses that work with the body's scale. For example, for petite body types, opt for small-to-medium frames.
  • Coloring – Choose sunglasses that work in the best color range with clothing and skin tone.
  • Personality – Always consider style personality.
    • Classic – Conservative, tailored, traditional and timeless
    • Elegant – Tailored, understated, sophisticated, flawless and stately
    • Romantic – Softly structured
    • Natural – No-fuss, sporty styles, informal and casual
    • Seductive – Daring, glamorous and sexy
    • Dramatic – Bold, large and makes a statement
    • Creative – Funky, eclectic and unconventional
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