Embracing Retro-Style Sunglasses

Apr 22, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Today's modern sunglasses trends are tributes to vintage retro styles. Whether it's embracing big, oversized sunglasses or modern, eye-popping and bright frames, fashionistas are sure to look stylish this summer.

  • Feminine – Embrace pastel pinks from the 1980s by exploring Air Force Aviator pink shades.
  • Bright – DG sunglasses embraces soft lime metal sunglasses, which add a vintage pop to any woman's attire.
  • Bold – Explore bright royal blue, which adds a modern touch to 1950s style frames. Consider exploring Wayfarer sunglasses or VG sunglasses, which capture this stylish trend.
  • Oversized – With 1970s "bigger is better" trends returning, sunglasses' manufacturers are embracing oversized styles that feature colorful frames and contemporary gradient lenses.
  • Status – While the 1980s were all about wearing cool white shades, this season is embracing embellishments, such as chain link, adornments, rhinestones and temple detailing.
  • Cat-Eye – Cat-eye sunglasses have been popular for several decades and many sunglasses reflect this celebrity-status style.
  • Gradient – Frames that feature gradient color, such as going from red to clear, are popping up on fashion runways this spring.

The aforementioned styles pair well with today's designer clothing. To make the most of designer wholesale sunglasses, consider pairing with the following trends:

  • Fringes – No longer just popular in South America, this free-flowing style is adorning boatneck tunics and shirts, helping give bodies' longer, more slender silhouettes.
  • Bare Shoulders – A tribute to iconic 1980s designs, this top's style has been reinvented to highlight shoulders while remaining more fitted in the waist.
  • Suits – Casual, chic colors give suits an elegant, upscale and luxurious appearance.
  • Monochromatic – More designers are embracing monochromatic color schemes that easily mix and match with colorful, bold accessories.
  • Delicate – Feminine style is reflected in layers of pinks and reds, which lend romantic hues to today's designer clothes.
  • Modern – Today's modern, contemporary designs reflect soft features, such as ruffles, which are versatile and easily transition from day to night.
  • Shades – Women with light skin should consider selecting neutral tones that feature minimal undertones, avoiding yellow shades or warm pinks. Those with olive or warm skin tones should choose pale tones, such as cafe au lait, honey or red-tone pink. Light brown tones should consider exploring coppery or gold undertones while dark brown skin pairs well with light beige dusted with rose hues.
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