Designer Wholesale Sunglasses Trends Set to Sweep 2015

Mar 13, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


With 2015 in full swing, more people are browsing designer wholesale sunglasses. Popular and classy, the following edgy, bold styles are rapidly making a significant comeback this season.

  • Lucite Frames – Lucite frames are not only innovative, but this unique style looks good on both men and women. Unconventional and artsy, this frame virtually goes unnoticed, but offers just the right amount of design to pair perfectly with today's edgy designer sunglasses wholesale.
  • Oversize Wholesale Sunglasses – Nearly 15 years ago, the oversize bug-eye look was exceptionally popular. Once again, this widespread trend has made a return in 2015, adding a touch of vintage class and sophistication to outfits. Today's styles are made to reflect attractive round glasses that are both comfortable and sophisticated.
  • Round Frames – The 1960s iconic glasses have returned, looking stunning with long or oval facial shapes. These are offered by Olympic Eyewear at inexpensive bulk sunglasses' prices, making them perfect for retail offerings.
  • Shimmer – More and more sunglasses retailers are incorporating fun sunglasses trends that feature a wide variety of adornments, including shiny metallic, glitter and rhinestones. These types of sunglasses are anticipated to be highly popular this upcoming spring,
  • Cat Eye Sunglasses – Cat eye sunglasses lend a unique shape that are bold, chic and feature a vintage style that makes them playful and fun. This year, cat eye styles are anticipated to take on a simple butterfly silhouette that is purely unforgettable and eye-catching.
  • Colorful Styles – Bold, bright colors are in this season. This also includes ombre type styles that feature different shades on the top and bottom portions of wholesale sunglasses.

The modern-day styles mentioned above are bound to improve people's fashion senses and allow people to easily select a sunglass design that fits their own sense of style and personality.

Olympic Eyewear offers some of the latest sunglasses trends with new monthly releases. Customers should check back on a monthly basis for the latest new styles and most popular selling brands.

Retailers can begin placing their orders early as most stores are already laying out spring merchandise and placing winter clothes on clearance sales. To help them further market these stunning spring styles, Olympic Eyewear offers sunglasses displays, which can easily be placed near trendy new clothing for eye catching appeal.

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