Complimenting Sunglasses: Choosing the Right Hairstyle

Jul 21, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


You can find the perfect pair of wholesale sunglasses to compliment your facial shape and skin tone, but lack the necessary hairstyle to pull off the eye-catching details needed to frame wholesale designer sunglasses.

Hairstylists recommend that sunglasses complement, but not overwhelm hairstyles. Instead of choosing big, bold sunglasses and oversize 80s hair, choose a balance or one single oversize look. To help capture the necessary balance to achieve a stunning, fashion-forward appearance, consider following experts tips.


Create balance by capturing a happy medium between hair volume and sunglass shape. Ask your hair stylist to help identify hairstyle elements, whether it is volume, curl or lack of volume and then proceed, selecting a wholesale sunglasses frame that best balances your facial features.


Classic hairstyles require minimal styling and are generally one single length. These types of hairstyles pair best with classic sunglass frames, such as round or square shapes.


Trendy hairstyles with bangs and strong linear accents require more edgy styles. Consider pairing standard oval shapes featuring triangular edges, which infuse modern-day styles with energetic accessories.

Pull Back Hair

Before purchasing designer wholesale sunglasses, such as popular DG sunglasses trends, pull hair back at the nape of the neck or into a ponytail. This helps highlight the face shape instead of the haircut. If styles do not mesh, consider purchasing a pair for when hair is down and another pair that compliments pulled up hairstyles.


For people with curly hair, consider incorporating whimsical motifs into bulk sunglasses. Opt for round or oval frames, which highlight curly hair and look better than standard, angular square frames. For shorter, curly hair styles, choose simple sunglass frames that do not highlight an abundance of detail.

Hair Color

Choose wholesale designer sunglasses that compliment haircut, style and color. Ask hair stylists to recommend glasses styles and colors when coloring and cutting hair. Some hair colors or styles look best with outrageous sunglass combinations.

Showing Off

Oversize sunglasses tend to cover most of the face, which is not generally a discussion point unless hair is too voluminous. To help achieve a more stylish look, trim long bangs. More mature faces look best with medium or large-size frames, which help hide unsightly and tired eye areas.

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