Choosing the Right Tinted Lenses

May 27, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are essential in protecting eyes from the harmful UV rays in sunlight. There are many different tints of sunglasses, each achieving a different effect for the wearer. It can be hard to find just one pair to fit your every activity, but buying sunglasses in bulk can allow anyone to have a different pair of sunglasses for every occasion.

Color: Yellow

Benefits: Increases contrast, helps depth perception, and prevents eyestrain.
Disadvantages: Can distort colors.
Conditions: Low light conditions including haze or fog.
Activities: Hunting, handball, racquetball, basketball, tennis.

Color: Red

Benefits: Increases contrast, reduces glare, increases visibility, and prevents eyestrain.
Disadvantages: Can distort colors.
Conditions: Mild to low sunlight outdoors, fluorescent lighting indoors.
Activities: Computer use, driving, cycling, fishing, hunting, skiing, snowboarding.

Color: Green

Benefits: Reduces glare, prevents eyestrain, increases contrast, and maintains true colors.
Disadvantages: None.
Conditions: Mild to bright sunlight.
Activities: Anything outdoors, especially tennis, baseball, golf.

Color: Gray

Benefits: Reduces brightness, prevents eyestrain, and maintains true colors.
Disadvantages: None.
Conditions: Low to bright light, any conditions.
Activities: Driving, golf, running, cycling, just about any outdoor activity.

Color: Brown

Benefits: Prevents eyestrain, increases contrast, improves depth perception, and maintains true colors.
Disadvantages: None.
Conditions: Mild to low light conditions.
Activities: Outdoors in water or on grass including golfing, fishing, and hunting.

Color: Mirrored

Benefits: Reduces glare, and can be combined with other tint colors for added benefits.
Disadvantages: Can make objects appear darker.
Conditions: Very bright sunlight.
Activities: Depends on lens tint.

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