Choosing Sunglasses to Fit Personality and Lifestyle

Mar 01, 2016 Olympic Eyewear


Bulk sunglasses are often worn to relieve eyestrain, protect eyes from UV rays and reflect personality. This article offers tips on wearing wholesale sunglasses that fit lifestyles, while also adding a celebrity-looking vibe to outfits.

  • Classic Whole Sale Sunglasses – Tom Cruise brought back aviator sunglasses with the hit 80s movie, "Top Gun." Aviator sunglasses provide a cool, chic look that hides the eyes and eludes danger. "The Matrix" is responsible for making Morpheus' sunglasses ultra hip and the must-have futuristic shades of the decade. These minimalist sunglasses are very dark, hiding the eyes and sitting tightly on the bridge of the nose. Unfortunately, they are a very individualistic look and do not work for many people.
  • Eyes – Serious, more studious types may lean towards more classic types of sunglasses, such as traditional shapes, including rectangles and ovals. This may also include simple colors, such as silver metals. Creative personalities have a flare for multi-color frames, geometric designs or bright-colored lenses. Elton John is famous for large, flamboyant sunglasses that highlight adornments. John Lennon single-handedly made classic round wholesale designer sunglasses popular. The latter include sharply colored lenses, which lend a rockin' look to any outfit.
  • Frames – It is important to choose the right style of frame for facial features. Frames can give people a youthful appearance. Generally, oval frames work best for women, especially when coupled with shinier or brighter colors. Men can shave off a few years by sporting burgundy or brown colors and rectangular frames. For younger generations, opt for sporty designer wholesale sunglasses, which come in a wide range of colors, including bright red, colorful plastic blends, metals and even stripes. X-Loop sunglasses offer the convenience of staying securely in place during sporting and outdoor events.
  • Practicality – Sometimes wearing sunglasses is a practical need. There are many different types of lenses, including those that adjust to light conditions. Sunglasses are specialized to work well for all types of conditions, including snow, rain, driving, overcast conditions and blaring sunshine.

There is no single pair of sunglasses that dominate the market. In fact, there are many different types of sunglasses and most people have several pairs.

Sunglasses reflect personal tastes and style and no size fits everyone. That is what makes sunglasses the necessary accessory for everyone. There are many styles, brands, shapes and colors. Olympic Eyewear offers something for everyone, which makes it easy for retailers to purchase bulk sunglasses at affordable prices.

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