How to Choose Sunglasses Based on Skin Tone

Aug 05, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Just as important as the sunglasses fit is selecting the right color to pair with skin tones. Cool and warm skin tone coloring determines everything from the colors of clothes people wear, to makeup, hair color, contact eye color and much more.

Skin Tones

There are two types of skin tones.

  1. Cool Tones – These skin tones generally burn quickly and feature pink undertones with blue-tinted veins.
  2. Warm Tones – These tones tan well and feature a golden undertone with green-tinted veins.

To help determine what type of skin tone someone has before selecting wholesale designer sunglasses, use the following guide.

  • Taking a bright white piece of paper, place it next to the face. If the skin looks pink, it has a cool tone. If it looks golden or yellow, it has a warm tone.
  • Using silver and gold foil, place these next to the face and pay close attention to the reflection. Gold compliments warm skin tones, while silver looks best with cool skin tones.
  • Behind the ear rarely receives sunlight. Ask someone to look behind the ear in natural lighting. If it is a pinkish hue, this signifies a cool skin tone. A yellow hue indicates a warm skin tone.
  • Holding wrists outward under sunlight, if the blood vessels appear green, this is a sign of a warm skin tone. Blue-tinted veins signify a cool skin tone.

Celebrity Skin Tones

There are several celebrities that have naturally have cool skin tones, including Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, January Jones, Anne Hathaway, Zooey Deschanel, Keira Knightley, Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Florence Welch.

Celebrities with warm skin or golden skin tones include Gisele Bundchen, Hillary Duff, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Rihanna and Isla Fisher.

Matching Colors with Skin Tones

To make sure designer wholesale sunglasses compliment skin tones, the following bestselling wholesale sunglasses look best:

  • Cool Tones – This skin color looks best with blue, pink, purple, gray, tortoise, green, silver or black bulk sunglasses.
  • Warm Tones – For people that have warmer skin tones, opt for gold, orange, brown, tan, olive, red, yellow or ivory Olympic Eyewear sunglasses.
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