Celebrity Inspired Sunglasses for Less

May 08, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


While sunglasses are essential for protecting eyes, they're also a staple when it comes to summer accessories. As with every other aspect of fashion, the general public look to celebrities for the latest trends. Here are some of the most popular styles and trends for celebrity sunglasses.

Retro Sunglasses

In recent years, fashion has experienced a comeback of the timeless styles of decades past. Although they were originally created in the fifties, wayfarer sunglasses reached their height of popularity in the eighties and nineties. Today they've become somewhat of a neutral, yet sometimes quirky style suitable for all ages.

Vintage Sunglasses

Round or circle sunglasses, a style originally popularized in the sixties by John Lennon's glasses are making a comeback with celebrities of the day. Aviator sunglasses were made popular by newspaper photos of General Douglas MacArthur wearing them in the sixties, but are once again fashionable.

Oversized Sunglasses

Originally popularized by Jackie O, oversized sunglasses have since been the way for celebrities to disguise themselves from paparazzi. Oversized sunglasses are sure to give anyone an instant celebrity look. CG sunglasses are known for their celebrity style oversized lenses.

Rhinestone Sunglasses

Because they're so often in the limelight, celebrities sometimes feel the need to differentiate themselves from other celebrities. Wearing sunglasses with unique decorations is a great way to lower the chance of someone being seen wearing the same thing. Try some ornate sunglasses for a celebrity look.

While celebrities have seemingly endless funds to purchase sunglasses, everyone else has a budget that usually doesn't allow a different pair of sunglasses for every occasion. However, some sunglasses wholesalers have made designer wholesale sunglasses available to the general public with no minimum order.

Manufactured using many of the same methods designer companies use, wholesale sunglasses are cheap only in price with cases selling for as little as $18. Cheap wholesale sunglasses are the perfect way to get the celebrity look for much less. In addition to making designer sunglasses available to everyone, wholesale sunglasses allow one to have an unmatched collection of sunglasses. Imagine never having to worry about loosing sunglasses again!

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