Why carry designer wholesale sunglasses?

Jan 04, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear carries a wide variety of brand name sunglasses. These wholesale designer sunglasses are great for retail businesses and stores of all sizes – ranging from large to small.

  • Retailers find that purchasing sunglasses in bulk can be very lucrative, as carrying bulk sunglasses regularly on display cases draws in customers. Customers find sunglasses appealing year-round, whether they are for driving, fashion statements or outdoor sporting activities.
  • Wholesale sunglasses by the dozen also allows retailers to purchase cheap sunglasses in bulk, while turning around and selling these must-have, popular accessories for substantial profits. For example, some popular designer models cost approximately $36.00 a dozen, but retail for more than $20 to $30 per pair. This allows retailers to make a substantial profit on a single pair of sunglasses. Additionally, each year most customers go through several pairs of sunglasses, whether it is due to the latest designer sunglass styles or because sunglasses are common accessories to misplace, lose or break.
  • Tourist areas also see a trend in sales during peak tourist seasons when they focus on selling designer sunglasses. The markup on designer sunglasses in tourist locations can be even more expensive than non-tourist areas. This can also include cruise ships, all-inclusive tropical resorts, ski resorts, etc.
  • Seasonal stores, such as farmers' markets and arts and crafts festivals also benefit from selling inexpensive bulk sunglasses. Popular in warm areas year-round and seasonal in the spring and summer in cold areas, sunglasses are rapidly becoming very popular at outdoor markets. Often an impulse purchase, sunglasses are fun for families to try on during weekend outings, which also makes it a great, exciting way to start building new, seasonal and fashionable wardrobe base.
  • While most exclusive designer sunglasses cost a fortune, Olympic Eyewear carries popular brands, such as Locs sunglasses, Wayfarer sunglasses and X-Loop sunglasses to name a few. These are trendy but still affordable for everyone. Affordability is an important factor for retailers when pricing sunglasses. In today's economy, most shoppers cannot afford to spend one months' salary on an exclusive pair of designer Chanel sunglasses. Many designer alternatives are just as fashionable, but also have a higher profit margin. This allows retailers the ability to sell customers two or three different affordable pairs of seasonal sunglasses.
  • One of the most significant reasons people purchase sunglasses is not just simply for style, but also for eye protection. Perhaps eye protection is not at the forefront of everyone's mind, but protecting eyes from bothersome sunrays generally is. If retailers carry UV protective sunglasses, it helps provide consumers with more eye protection, helping boost their confidence in retailers' products. This also helps gain consumers' trust and increases the likelihood that customers will return in the near future.
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