Caring and Storing your Sunglasses

Jun 02, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Your sunglasses, even wholesale designer sunglasses, need a little TLC from you. After all, whether they be expensive designer sunglasses or cheap sunglasses in bulk, you still spent your hard-earned money to buy them. Sunglasses can last for years, depending on how well you care for them.

Here are some tips you can consider:

Use carefully

  • Check that the screws are tight enough. If a hinge screw needs tightening, you can buy a small screwdriver. Don't wait for the screws to get loose.
  • Use both hands when removing the sunglasses from your face to prevent the handles from getting lopsided. Also, don't twirl your sunglasses with one handle, as some people are wont to do.
  • Don't bend your sunglasses in an effort to make them fit your face, especially if the frame is made of plastic or some other inflexible material.
  • Don't leave your sunglasses where it is exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. This is particularly true for places such as the dashboard of a car, where high temperatures can distort the frame or cause damage to the lenses.
  • When putting your CG sunglasses down, make sure that the lenses are facing upward. Placing them on any surface with the lens facing down can cause scratches.
  • Your sunglasses are not headband, so don't wear them as such. This will distort the shape of the sunglasses by stretching the handles.
  • If you are using your sunglasses during a strenuous activity, it will be best to attach them to a sports string to prevent falling or slipping. Not only do you risk dents and scratches but also getting your sunglasses stepped on.


  • Wash. Get rid of grit, oil, perspiration, sunscreen stains and salt that may build up on the lenses and frame. Add a bit of soap to warm water and use this to wash your sunglasses. Do this as needed.
  • After washing, dry the sunglasses completely before you store it.
  • Don't use paper, tissue or rough fabric to clean the sunglasses. Wiping with these can result in scratches to the lenses. It will be better to use the microfiber lens cleaning cloth that usually comes with your sunglasses. You can also easily buy cleaning cloths from reputable sunglass suppliers or eyewear stores.


  • Get a good protective case that comes with sturdy backing. This will prevent your sunglasses from getting scratched, dented or cracked while they are stored inside your bag. When not in use, your sunglasses should always be stored in the sunglasses case.
  • Avoid putting your sunglasses in your pocket or inside your bag without its protective case.
  • Be sure that the sunglasses are thoroughly dried before putting it in the protective case. Seawater can be especially damaging to the lenses.

These tips will help make your sunnies last longer. But of course, since your sunglasses are also a fashion statement, it will be good to have more than one pair. No matter what happens to your favorite pair, whether it be stolen, lost or damaged, you still have another pair. Also, you will need different types of lenses and sunglasses for different activities. Get sunglasses at wholesale and enjoy great discounts on your favorite styles.

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