Calling Spring and Summer!

Apr 20, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


No matter what season is around the corner, it is always sunglasses season. This is especially true during the spring and summer months, when the aroma of cherry blossoms, decorative flowering plum buds, leaves bursting forth from the warm soils, and tulips begin to line the streets and grace nurseries.

Spring and summer months are a retailer's delight. Not only does it mean more window-shopping, people casually strolling around downtown city areas and browsing neighborhood shops, but ultimately it means those pesky rays of sunshine will cause some unsightly squinting. This is excellent for retailers who rely on customers' instinctual impulsive buying habits.

Image this: as a retailer, you purchase a sunglasses accessory display stand from Olympic Eyewear. You place this effective marketing tool near the front of your store. Consumers are strolling around outdoors, squinting, as they have misplaced last season's trendy shades. They see the sunglasses stand fully stocked with spring's latest sunglasses styles, colors and brand names. Drawing consumers into your store, they do not want to depart without sun protection – especially at an inexpensive price. A pair of sunglasses and a sunglasses accessory case later, a consumer departs, your cash register till feeling full and satisfied.

Consider this buying tip: celebrity-inspired sunglasses are the latest trend in fashion. If a retailer has a stand full of eye-catching name brands, such as DG sunglasses, Wayfarer sunglasses or a variety of designer wholesale sunglasses, and purchases them at the wholesale rate of, for example, $33.00/dozen, this investment of a mere $2.75 per pair can easily not only double, but increase by 1,272%. Consumers will not bat an eyelash at spending $34.98 per pair, and retailers will be thrilled when the credit card receipts are instantly deposited.

Not only are sunglasses a modern fashionable trend, but they also provide valuable sun protection in a time when skin cancers and eye cancers are becoming more predominant. With the medical community's recent research surrounding the damaging effects on human health, related to excessive UVA and UVB sun exposure, more consumers are understanding the importance of protecting their baby blues.

Even parents are beginning to understand the importance of protecting their children's eyes from these damaging sunrays and Olympic Eyewear offers a variety of child-sized sunglasses with UV protection.

Prevention is key when it comes to sun exposure and if consumers can combine the benefits of protection with fashion-forward style, a perfect harmonious balance is easily achieved.

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