Calculating Sunglasses Frame Size

Jun 08, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Having the appropriate size of wholesale sunglasses frame can make or break these personalized accessories. Olympic Eyewear offers some helpful tips for measuring frame sizes.

  • Front – The front of the frame consists of several measurements.
    • Height – This is the measurement of the height of the glasses, which is generally taken from the side and is the highest point.
    • Lug – This is the hinge that holds the sunglasses together.
    • Width – The width is the total measurement of the lens.
    • Bridge Width – This measurement is the distance between the two bridges, or nosepieces and also reflects the distance between the lenses.
  • Side – The side of the frame highlights five components.
    • Dowel Point – This is also known as the hinge and attaches to the aforementioned lug.
    • Length to Bend – This is the length of the side of the glasses, before the earpiece area begins to bend.
    • Line of the Side – This is the entire measurement of the earpiece, if it was straight and not bent.
    • Length of Drop – This measures the length that the earpiece drops and hugs the area.
    • Overall Length – This measurement includes all of the aforementioned side measurements.

The width of the bridge is the distance between the rims and nasal surfaces and how the bridge hugs the arch of the nose. Some frames feature adjustable nosepieces, which can be personalized for a custom fit. The following highlights how this distance can alter frames' fits.

  • Increase – The distance between nose pads should be increased when the frame sits too high, the bridge appears too small or the distance between the eyes to the lens is substantial.
  • Decrease – When the frame slides or sits too low on the face, frames benefit from a decrease in bridge width. If the lenses are touching the eyelashes or are too close to the eyes, a decrease in distance is also beneficial.

Lens width varies from style to style and it's important to select a wholesale sunglasses frame that has a lens width and arm length that accommodates facial features.

If designer wholesale sunglasses don't properly fit, many eyeglass professionals can easily adjust nose and ear pieces for a more custom fit and appearance. This can enhance comfort, while improving stylish looks.

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