Who buys sunglasses in bulk?

Sep 11, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Several people and retailers opt to purchase large quantities of sunglasses in bulk. Olympic Eyewear, specialists in selling sunglasses in bulk, adds insight to popular bulk sunglasses cheap trends. Who specializes in buying sunglasses in bulk?

  • Retail Stores – Retail establishments rely on inexpensive sunglasses in bulk to help draw people into their stores, hoping they will spend additional money on other accessories and retail products. Retail stores can include sporting establishments, upscale boutiques, department stores, accessory shops, companies that specialize in offering tourist activities and much more. Going hand-in-hand with today's modern fashion trends, both women and men alike are looking for fashion-forward trends that are timeless, yet impressionable. Purchasing variety packs through Olympic Eyewear helps give retailers peace of mind, as the experts at Olympic Eyewear specialize in offering the latest monthly and seasonal bulk sunglasses trends.
  • Eye Doctors – When most people undergo their annual or bi-annual eye exams, they often have time to peruse through the latest glasses and sunglasses models. Since many patients do not enjoy annual eye exams, which require dilation, selling sunglasses for them to wear home after the office procedure is a great way to keep customers happy, reduce their stress about appointments and simultaneously make money from bulk sunglasses. Fortunately, Olympic Eyewear offers both name brand sunglasses, such as Choppers sunglasses, VG sunglasses, Wayfarer sunglasses, X-Loop sunglasses and other wholesale designer sunglasses. Eye doctors can cater to more upscale patients or those simply looking for an inexpensive pair of sunglasses.
  • Mall Kiosks – Nearly everyone has been in a mall and seen kiosks in open areas. Some of these kiosks specialize in selling bulk sunglasses, which make perfect last minute purchases. Kiosks can be exceptionally profitable, especially if they have an excellent highly visible location in a popular mall.
  • Farmers' Markets – More sunglasses, accessories and knickknacks are showing up at craft fairs and farmers' markets nationwide. Buying sunglasses in bulk and reselling them at these events is an excellent source of supplemental income and truly appeals to seasonal markets. In some areas of the U.S., where farmers' markets are year round, these displays can make even more money.
  • Military – Buying Aviator sunglasses in bulk, many military fundraising events, golf tournaments, family fairs, flight shows, etc., distribute bulk sunglasses to military members and their families. These bulk sunglasses purchases are a great way to keep up morale and include families in everyday military activities.

Olympic Eyewear sells a wide selection of brands, styles and sunglass accessories, all at bulk sunglasses prices. Additionally, discounts are available by percentage tiers for high price orders.

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