Buying Guide: Men's Sunglasses

Nov 16, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


There's nothing better to protect a man's baby blues than a good pair of sunglasses. When selecting sunglasses, men can follow the following steps to ensure they look trendy while focusing on contemporary eye protection.

  • Styles – It's important that sunglass styles and shapes match facial features.
    • Square – Defined by a strong jaw line, this facial shape looks excellent with round sunglasses. Wayfarer sunglasses look especially good with this strong facial shape.
    • Triangle – With a narrow chin and a wider forehead, this facial shape looks good with sunglasses that feature heavy bottoms, such as aviator styles.
    • Oblong – Long and narrow, this facial shape is balanced by sports-style sunglasses, such as X-Loop sunglasses or Biohazard sunglasses.
    • Round – This facial shape looks lean with rectangular or square sunglasses. It's important to select a pair that isn't too small or it will make the face appear heavy and fatigued.
    • Oval – Narrower at the jaw line than at the temples, this shape is easily flattered with nearly any style of frames.
  • Measuring – Men's sunglasses are commonly measured in millimeters. The first number is the width of a single lens, while the second number is the width of the bridge and the third number is the length of the arm.
  • Size – To determine proper measurements, men should measure the widest part of their faces, then the width of the bridge area to the nose. By subtracting the width of the second number (bridge) from the total width, then dividing the number by half, the result will be the width of the shades.
  • Style – Once a size has been determined, it's important to find a style that compliments facial shapes. If a pair is a few millimeters different from the measurements mentioned above, it's generally OK, as these measurements are so minute, they should still compliment face sizes and shapes.
  • UVA/UVB Protection – To help protect against harmful ultraviolet rays, sunglasses should block 95- to 99-percent of UVB rays and a minimum of 60-percent UVA protection. While the majority of sunglasses generally offer UV protection, it's best to confirm before purchasing.
  • Lens Color – Frames aren't sunglasses only color option, as lenses also offer color options. Green and grey lenses are excellent for driving, while amber and brown lenses help block out blue lights, making them excellent choices for sports sunglasses.
  • Polarization – Blocking out reflecting glare, polarized sunglasses are perfect for water or street glare. Polarized sunglasses are the most popular choice for sporting sunglasses, including running, boating and cycling.

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