A Buyer's Guide: Selecting Sunglasses

Jun 05, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


The key to finding a stellar pair of sunglasses is selecting the right style, color, fit and embellishments. Sunglasses are a necessary year-round accessory that can transform a boring outfit into one that exudes elegance and class.

  • Shape – The shape of sunglasses is an important part of today's style. Small frames compliment petite faces, while oversized frames look stunning on larger faces. The latest designer wholesale sunglasses styles embrace wide arms and slightly round edges, which gives them a soft appearance that is both edgy and eye-catching.
  • Frame Color – Choosing a frame color is also important. Oversized black wholesale sunglasses exude an air of sexy mystery. However, brown frames pair better with fair skin, which doesn't look quite as harsh and reminiscent of gothic styles. Frame colors should also contrast hair. Generally, blondes look best in black frames, while redheads look stunning in green or blue frames. Black or dark brown hair colors offset white frames, which brings out natural highlights in hair.
  • Lens Color – This is really a matter of personal preference, as some colors are better for driving and others add visual perception for sporting events. Polarized lenses come in grey, bronze and amber.
  • Details – The latest trend to dominate runways are sunglasses with stellar details. Dramatic temples make a superb statement, highlighting a personal sense of style, attitude and personality. These touches often add a special designer appeal to sunglasses, representing a high fashion alternative to standard, generic labels. Whether it's rhinestone-studded temples or designer DG sunglasses logos, these details define popular sunglasses trends.

Just because a pair of sunglasses looks fabulous on a celebrity, doesn't always mean it's the right shape, color or fit for the general public. It's important to be selective when choosing sunglasses, which is why retailers should stock a wide assortment of fashionable designer wholesale sunglasses.

Olympic Eyewear regularly stocks vintage sunglasses, aviator styles, Wayfarer sunglasses, rhinestone sunglasses, celebrity-inspired styles, oversized designs, rimless sunglasses and a wide variety of sports shades, including Arctic Blue and X-Loop sunglasses.

With an affordable price point, Olympic Eyewear makes it easy for retailers to charge substantial profits for sunglasses. Passing along these profitable savings to customers means that customers can afford to buy multiple pairs of sunglasses, mixing and matching styles with individual outfits, colors and hairstyles.

With new monthly arrivals, retailers can stay on top of the latest trends and Olympic Eyewear makes it easy to order the latest big-name fashions.

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