Where to Buy Sunglasses in Bulk

Sep 06, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Several online retailers, fashion accessory stores and other establishments sell sunglasses in bulk. In fact, buying sunglasses in bulk is popular for many boutiques and retailers during the summer and fall months. Highlighted below are the pros and cons of purchasing sunglasses in bulk from several types of retailers.

  • Online – When purchasing sunglasses in bulk online, it is important to use a reputable retailer that understands that current bulk sunglasses market.
    • eBay – Some retailers use the bidding option on eBay to purchase large lots of sunglasses in bulk, including cheap sunglasses in bulk. While prices may be tempting, these sellers rarely have the insight and knowledge to help select the latest sunglass styles and predict modern sunglass trends. Reputable dealers that understand the sunglasses industry generally do not sell sunglasses on eBay. Additionally, when purchasing through this auction site, there are no guarantees sellers have the authority to resell particular sunglass brands. Plus with bidding taking several days to close, it can take longer for companies and retailers to receive their product merchandise. This delay can cost them several sales, especially during peak-sunglass season months.
  • Liquidators – Costly and more expensive than online retailers, such as Olympic Eyewear, liquidator sites feature closeout models and styles. This means these styles are on their way out, not in, which does not guarantee any money-building profit for retailers. These closeout models are proven to be trend tested and are outgoing trends among consumers, so why invest in outgoing trends?
  • Swap Meets – Many swap meet, fairs and farmers' market booths are selling sunglasses in bulk. Unfortunately, they do not have any authenticity and do not indicate they were procured through legal means.
  • Direct from Manufacturers – The downside of purchasing sunglasses in bulk directly from manufacturers is that retailers must work with several manufacturers to place orders, research popular trends and price resale profits. This type of wholesale sunglasses ordering can often become very time consuming for employers.
  • Olympic Eyewear – As reputable online bulk sunglasses retailers, Olympic Eyewear focuses on selling sunglasses in bulk, at low, affordable prices. Additionally, their fashion experts research the latest upcoming trends, making it easy for companies to mix and match their selection by style, brand and trends and colors, all while targeting customers' preferences. When purchasing sunglasses in bulk, it is especially important to work with a wholesale retailer that is offers legitimate brand name merchandise.

Olympic Eyewear offers a spectacular collection of name brand sunglasses in bulk, at low, affordable prices. Retailers can easily browse by popular collections, brands and monthly best sellers.

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