Why Bulk Sunglasses are a Good Investment

Aug 16, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


More than just a fashion statement, wholesale sunglasses help protect eyes from harmful and damaging UVA and UVB sunrays. Since most people own several pairs of sunglasses, retailers' benefit from buying bulk sunglasses.

  • Breakage – Sunglasses can break from everyday wear or by accident, such as dropping or sitting on them. Stores that carry a variety of sunglasses year-round can capture a larger audience market, helping ensure repeat business.
  • Lost – Most people lose several pairs of sunglasses in their lifetime. Additionally, most people own several pairs, leaving sets in their bag or purse, car, inside their home, etc. Since designer wholesale sunglasses have an affordable price point, consumers can purchase additional pairs for those “just in case” accidents or misplacements.
  • InexpensiveSunglasses in bulk are inexpensive, which allows stores to run sunglasses specials to capture passersby attention and attract a larger potential customer base. Having several types of similar styles in different color choices is also an excellent option, as many people may prefer a style and want to expand their wardrobe accessory options with varying coordinating color choices.
  • Energy Saving – Stores not only save money when purchasing sunglasses in bulk but also time and energy. Employees can complete a single order, relying on the expert advice provided by Olympic Eyewear's sales and fashion specialists.

Stores should recommend that customers purchase several inexpensive pairs, leaving them in frequented areas, such as home, school, work and in bags. Additionally, people can simply purchase bulk sunglasses directly through Olympic Eyewear, which allows them to purchase a single style in various colors for a single low-price cost.

Olympic Eyewear offers superior name-brand products, including Air Force, Biohazard, CG, Choppers, DG sunglasses, Giselle, Locs, Nitrogen, Oxigen, VG, Virage, X-Loop and many more. With styles to fit any facial shape, including butterfly, cat eye, oval, rectangle, rimless, round, semi-rimless, square, and wrap-styles, these custom, high-quality sunglasses are ideal for buying in bulk, which ensures that people will never be without their favorite styles or brand of sunglasses.

Olympic Eyewear also offers a complete range of sunglasses accessories, including pouches, microfiber cleaning cloths, hard sunglasses cases, sunglass visor kits, and much more. For retailers, Olympic Eyewear sells display cases, which makes it easy for companies to sell sunglasses and capture customers' attention.

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