Facial Shapes in Choosing Wholesale Sunglasses

Jul 18, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear understands that choosing sunglasses can be an ordeal, especially with abundant collections in high-fashion department stores and accessory departments. To help make it easier for people to choose the right wholesale sunglasses to best meet their needs and facial features, they offer several helpful tips for choosing the best styles.

Facial Shape

First, choose the facial shape that best represents features. For an easy to follow guide that highlights heart-shaped, oblong, oval, square and round faces, visit Olympic Eyewear's detailed facial geometry article. Once you have determined the specific facial shape, proceed forward for additional tips to select the right wholesale sunglasses.

Do opposites attract?

The myth that opposites attract is true. In fact, playing against prominent facial contours actually diverts attention from overwhelming facial features. For example, if someone has a prominent jaw line, it is best to consider rounder frames that draw attention away from angular shapes. Angular features pair best with softer-style sunglasses and softer features look sharp with more angular wholesale designer sunglasses styles.


Experts and fashion mavens recommend selecting a sunglass color that lifts the eyes. Dark eye colors look playful with bright frames. In contrast, green and blue eyes look best with wood-color tones, tortoise-shell and bright red or purple.


Finding the right size for individual face shape and contour is important. Wider faces benefit from narrow bulk sunglasses that feature defined corners and adorned decorations. These help decrease the width of wider faces.

Centering Sunglasses

Eyes should remain centered within the sunglass frame. Eyeglass experts can fit sunglasses, but generally, it is best to choose a frame that does not require too much additional tweaking. If a nose is flatter on top, it is best to opt for higher frames that give more lift. Consider these styles similar to librarian frames. For people that are always peering over their frames, opt for mounted nose pads that help keep frames securely in place, avoiding slippage. Avoid frames that hide eyebrows and dwarf features.

Most importantly, find a pair of wholesale sunglasses that are comfortable, as wearing sunglasses regularly helps decrease the risk of developing eye cancer, degeneration and other harmful eye-related diseases.

Olympic Eyewear sales wholesale sunglasses by the dozen in a variety of different styles, shapes and colors.

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