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Mar 06, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


The latest sunglasses trends are simply hot, tearing up runways worldwide. Olympic Eyewear, a wholesale sunglasses company, specializes in selling wholesale designer sunglasses. They take a peak into the latest sunglasses trends, which includes:

  • Retro – Whether it's 1950's cat eye frames or 1970's spectacular round frames, these stylish sunglasses are reappearing on runways everywhere, providing a much-needed hint of old-Hollywood glamour.
  • Wayfarer – These have long been celebrities' choice eyewear, worn by A-Listers such as Jessica Biel and Selena Gomez. Popular styles include two-tone, translucent, tortoiseshell and bold prints.
  • Oversized – Oversized sunglasses relay a sense of mystery and chic-style. These are the choice sunglasses for Beyonce and Victoria Beckham.
  • Aviator – The go-to accessory of the year, these sleek aviator shades add a sporty look to any attire. Popular fans include Zoe Saldana and Ashley Olsen.
  • Updated Classics – Many classic styles are simply receiving a fresh, modern update.
  • Prints – An unbelievable popular trend this year, bold and printed styles are sure to turn heads. Whether donning floral, polka dots, tribal or python prints, these designs pair perfectly with today's runway fashions.
  • New Shapes – Today's modern eyewear features boxy styles, which can also include hexagon-type shapes. These definitely lend a unique, yet fresh appearance to the eyewear of yesteryear.
  • Bright Colors – This season is seeing a return to bright, bold colors and sunglasses are no exception. Adding a splash of necessary color to any outfit, bold sunglasses are simply the season's "it" trend.
  • Textures – Sunglasses that offer textures are the latest trend, from earthy wood, soft fabric to exotic skins.

As a leader in the wholesale sunglasses industry, Olympic Eyewear specializes in carrying a variety of sunglasses, including Biohazard sunglasses, Chopper sunglasses, D&G sunglasses, Locs sunglasses, VG sunglasses, Wayfarer sunglasses and X-Loop sunglasses, to name a few. They also offer celebrity-style sunglasses and sunglasses accessories, including nylon pouches, microfiber pouches, sunglasses cases, cleaning clothes and visor clips.

Additionally, this month alone, they have added 300 new styles to their vast collection. Whether a retailer is looking to incorporate classic styles, such as Air Force sunglasses or celebrity sunglasses with hints of rhinestone and jewelry-like style, Olympic Eyewear offers something for every sunglasses retailer.

Additionally, their pricing is phenomenal and they offer special discounts – ranging between five- to 20-percent for orders $500 to $5,000.

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